Morning Musume ’14’s 57th Single “TIKI BUN / Shabadabadoo~ / Mikaeri Bijin” (MV’s)

45f92f02c54b662213fca6e97a00b1c1987a1277All three new MV’s for Morning Musume ’14’s 57th single “TIKI BUN / Shabadabadoo~ / Mikaeri Bijin” was recently uploaded on their official YouTube channel and today I’ll be talking about some of my thoughts and impressions of this single so far. I was planning to do this yesterday but I got too tired and already blogged twice that day so I decided that I’ll do my little review today instead.


The Song: At first when I heard TIKI BUN I wasn’t really sure what I thought about it. The song itself is pretty alright and I find it’s a step down from Toki wo Koe Sora Koe. I also don’t really understand what the lyrics are trying to say. They would say something that would kind of make sense but then they’ll sing TIKI BUN a bunch of times then it’s back to something that kind of makes sense but doesn’t really follow what was being said before. I just don’t really understand. Besides that though, like I said before it’s a pretty alright song. There’s a lot autotune in this song but we also get little solo lines from Kanon, Haruka, and Haruna which was really great to hear. Everybody says more than one syllable so the line distribution is pretty good in this single and it’s not all in unison like the last.

tiki1The MV: I have to admit that the MV for TIKI BUN is a bit plain. They’re in a warehouse type of building with flashy lights going behind them during the dance. There’s not much of a story or theme for this MV and it doesn’t even have anything more but the close-up of the girls and the dance shot. But I will say that Haruka is stunning and definitely the visual center in this MV, she just looks so great in every shot you see her in. You really can’t take your eyes off of her she just grabs your attention. Watching this MV a few times over and over, the other girls do look really great too but Haruka really steals the show in this one.

tiki2The Outfits/Dance: At first I really liked the outfits and I thought their profiles for this single looked really stunning and great, but now I don’t really find them that interesting anymore. As well as the MV, the outfits are also pretty plain. I think I like these outfits more without the coat and scarf, just the dresses are really cute but the coat and scarf makes it a bit too much, it’s very flashy but also very plain. As for the dance, it’s also pretty alright. They have a bit of a Happy Daisakusen move and DJ scratching moves doing on this dance which is a bit repetitive, but I will say that I really liked the dance break where Ayumi stretches really far back. I thought that move was really cool and the best during the whole choreography.

Overall: Like I mention before, TIKI BUN is definitely a step down from Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe and even Password is 0 at that, but eventually I think this song will grow on me as time goes by. I think I would give this song a 8.3 / 10. It’s a pretty catchy song and I like more when it’s performed live.


The Song: Even since hearing the concert rip for Shabadadoo I’ve loved it from the first listen. It’s a very cute and perfect song for Sayumi, she pretty sings about herself and her time being in Morning Musume. For me this song is the better one out of the three, and probably my favourite song of the year. I can listen to Shabadabadoo without ever getting sick of it, I just really love this song. Even though Sayumi isn’t the greatest or strongest singer in Hello! Project, her solo songs always sound so great and wonderful. It’s You isn’t that bad but I find it her weakest solo, Lalala no Pipipi was a really fun and another perfect song for her as well as Shabadabadoo but Shadabadoo is hands down her best and cutest solo. I’m actually so happy that Sayumi gets a really great solo song for her graduation song since I don’t really find that other members such as Ai, Risa, and Reina had really great song such as Sayumi’s. I definitely listened to Shabadabadoo way more than the other songs from this single.

tiki3The MV: The MV for Shabadadoo is also so perfect for Sayumi. The editing is extremely good and it reminds me a bit of Koharu’s solo songs when she was doing Kirarin☆Revolution mixed with Kikkawa Yuu’s “Kikkake wa You.” The MV is just so extremely adorable and I haven’t really good editing like this since C-ute’s “Kanashiki Amefuri.” I was just so amazed with all it’s cuteness and pinkness. There’s even Sayumi blowing bubbles which her debut single was Shadondama which means soap bubbles in English, the scenes in this MV were all just so great and so cute. I just really loved very bit of this music video. The Mizuki and Haruna bits was a very nice touch as well.

tiki4The Outfits/Dance: The outfits that Sayumi wore were also just so cute and matched her and the theme very well. When I first seen the red and yellow pot-a-dot dress, I wasn’t really sure of it but now seeing it in the music video I think it looks extremely cute. The dance was also perfect and very well timed to match the beats of the song. Two thumbs up for the choreographer for creating this dance, and Sayumi who does it so cute and flawlessly.

Overall: Overall, I really love the retro feel to this song and it definitely gives me vibes from Country Musume’s “Shining Itoshiki Anata.” I can’t say enough about how perfect this song is. I totally give it a 10 / 10. This is by far my favourite song of the year, and it’s by Sayumi of all people. Sayumi is unbelievably cute.

Mikaeri Bijin

The Song: Mikaeri Bijin is more on the enka side of things which we don’t usually hear in the latest Hello! Project music since most of it has turned into EDM. It’s nice to hear a slow pace song that is actually a slow pace song with a slow pace instrumental (talking about you Egao wo Kimi wa Taiyou sa, and excluding you Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe). This song is only sung by the 9th, 10th, and 11th gen but Sayumi is shown in the video looking peaceful and very beautiful in her red kimono. This song is all sung in unison, I think everybody just sings every line together. I’m going to be honest you and say that I don’t think Mikaeri Bijin is the best song and I would have to say that it’s my least favourite out of the three. It’s a good song n’ all and I do catch myself singing it lately but TIKI BUN and Shabadabadoo is way better and I like those two way more than Mikaeri Bijin.

tiki5The MV: The music video is very nice and the girls are in some kind of house. Sayumi is shown writing letters to the girls and walking (slowly) outside. I find it’s really cool how they filmed the girls actually reading their letters on camera where we can see them smiling or crying. I also like how the close up of the girls are shot in different locations around the house, it makes not so boring seeing the same scenery over and over again which usually happens with close-ups. The girls look really great though, Mizuki really stands out to me, she looks absolutely stunning in this MV.

tiki6The Outfits/Dance: I think the outfits for the younger generations are quite nice and quite flashy for a enka song. I’m not a really huge fan of the brown boots but I don’t really think this song will be sung or performed much after Sayumi graduates so I don’t really have to worry about seeing the boots again. As for the dance I find it to be a bit awkward for this type of song, I don’t think I like the dance at all.

Overall: Overall, Mikaeri Bijin is a nice tribute to Sayumi and all her hard work being a member of Morning Musume for over 10 years, but I’m not the hugest fan of this song and I just kinda hope that it’s not performed much after Sayumi’s graduation. I would give this song a 7 / 10.

e3b9c071ad6e1cf8cc2f917c05b0ca6be23b0d05My feelings for this single is a bit uneven since I really love on song but I don’t really love the others quite as much. But I really love and adore Sayumi so I pre-ordered my copies long ago and should probably be shipped out to me on Sunday (yay!). I’m not really excited to and kinda dreading seeing Sayumi leaving us, but I am very curious on how her graduation concert will turn out since it’s at Yokohama Arena which is where Kamei Eri, Junjun, and Linlin graduated back in 2010.

It’s release date is October 15th.
If you really like this song or just want to support Sayumi on her last Morning Musume single, be sure order/buy your copies to help support Morning Musume ’14 and their latest single “TIKI BUN / Shabadabadoo~ / Mikaeri Bijin”

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