Hello! Project GETS! (09-15-2014) Getting Hello! Project goods from Tenso.com

getspicToday I got a few idol photos in the mail. Usually I get my photos from eBay, YAJ, Idol!Swap, or through a friend if I want anything from e-lineup. But after watching Tsugunaga Momoko and staff-san teaching you how to use order things from e-lineup by using Tenso.com.

I definitely heard of Tenso.com before maybe a couple years ago but I never used it and eventually I just forgot about it. After watching that video, it made me want to test out this site instead of always relying on my friend all the time for ordering things for me all the time. She’s so nice and kind but I think it might be better for me to use her services she provides for my bigger orders instead of bugging her with just one group set or a certain A5 photo that I forgot to add in with my other order.

Minus the Ikuta Erina 2L set from 2011, these are the items that I’ve ordered using Tenso.com. I’ve ordered the Morning Musume ’14 group L set one day, then the next day I’ve ordered the Wada Ayaka, Shimizu Saki, and Ikuta Erina 2L’s from this summers Hello! Project concert. They both got shipped out on the 9th of September and I got both today, which is the 15th of September. So the shipping is quite fast since it’s EMS.

It certainly beats weeks and weeks of waiting for your goods if you order in the group orders in Idol!Swap. I have nothing against Idol!Swap since I occasionally buy some goods from there, but I had recently waited 4 months to get my goods that I’ve ordered shipped out to me.

Though using Tenso.com requires you to send some identification to them due to a new Japanese law that was made in April 0f 2013, and they won’t send anything out to you until you’ve sent your identification. Which may be a down fall of some people if they’re not comfortable with that type of thing (like my mother, who doesn’t trust the internet or buying things online). Also you have to pay a few fees for using the site then you got to pay for the EMS shipping which could be a bit expensive. For example, I’ve recently ordered a couple of things which totaled to 2400 yen, but with all the fees it totaled to 3700 yen and that doesn’t include the shipping. Using Tenso.com is definitely an expensive way to get your idol merchandise. But I do like getting my idol things in quickly since I’m a bit of inpatient person.

I think I will be continuing to use Tenso.com for future little orders. It’s quite easy to use and I think using this site is well worth it even though it’s one the expensive side of things. So far I’m quite a fan of it. I’m sure there might be people out there who might not be so sure on how to get idol things so I hope this review of Tenso.com will help you guys out!

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