S/mileage’s 17th Single “Aa Susukino / Chikyuu wa Kyou mo Ai wo Hagukumu” (MV’s)

SusukinoLEAThe MV’s for S/mileage’s 17th single “Aa Susukino / Chikyuu wa Kyou mo Ai wo Hagukumu” has been uploaded on their offical youtube channel today and I’ll be sharing some of my thoughts and opinions about the single.

Aa Susukino

The Song: From the first time I listened to Aa Susukino during the preview on last week’s Hello Station, I fell in love with it. Aa Susukino is a another mature song from S/mileage which has an Ii Yatsu feel to it. But instead of rejecting a guy, this song is about fighting with a boyfriend and leaving to Susukino (which is a red-light district in Hokkaido) but the girl realizes she was wrong to fight with him, wanting to apologize she takes a flight back to where he is.  I really loved Ii Yatsu and I’m really loving this song as well. Aa Susukino has a great beat, some great vocals and it even has dialogue lines from Ayaka and Rina. It’s a lovely song that I enjoy listening to a lot. I think Aa Susukino might be my favourite S/mileage single of the year so far.

The MV: The MV takes place at an airport which makes since the lyrics mentions going on a plane. I really like how this MV turned out. It has some really great blue tones to it and the scenery is really nice. I guess the only question I have is how did they empty an airport for the making of this music video? I find airports to be always busy unless they went to a smaller one that isn’t so busy all the time. I don’t know though, it looks like a pretty large airport. Hrm, I don’t know how they did it, but they did a great job and the MV looks amazing.

The Outfits/Dance: I really like the casual look for the outfits and it kinda looks like one of the Hello! Pro girls coordinated them from The Girls Live. I’m sure they got real costume designers who coordinated the outfits but these ones just look so casual. I like them though so I’m not going to complain about their casualness. I would be wearing some thing cute and casual too if I had to wait for a flight. As for the dance, from what I can see in the MV it looks pretty good with some great moves. There’s one little part that I don’t really get though and it’s the parts where they’re like punching the air which happens around 1:25 in the MV. Are they mad so they’re pretending to punch or are they just frustrated with themselves so they’re just randomly punching around and flipping out. Whatever the case is, I don’t really like that part of the dance but from I can see, I think the rest of the dance looks pretty good.

Overall: Overall I really love this song! I really loved Ii Yatsu so I’m glad that S/mileage got another single that has that type of feel to it. I wasn’t a really huge fan of their last single so I’m happy seeing S/mileage getting a better song. I think I would give this song a 9.1 / 10. It’s just that great. I also think you can hear Tsunku’s vocals during the last “Aa Susukino” around 3:12. I think this song is so great and amazing.

Chikyuu wa Kyou mo Ai wo Hagukumu

The Song: For some reason I just had a feeling that I wouldn’t really like this song from first impressions but it turns out after listening to it that I ended up really liking this song and I must say that’s quite catchy. Like when I went to go get a drink after listening to this song I couldn’t help but sing it, even though I don’t really know the lyrics right now. I really like how this song has an older sound to it from like the 90’s with the saxophone and general beat. It also sounds like a song I would jam out to when I was in my anime/manga phase if I found it an AMV or whatever. Another thing I really love about this song is when they sing a very high “fu” when they say “futari”, it’s probably my most favourite line out of the whole song. I guess the one thing that kinda irks me in this song is how they don’t they say the “you” in “Do you love me?” it just sounds like “Duu love me?” I get it Ayacho, you now love Kudo Haruka. Besides that though I also really enjoy this song.

The MV
: The music video for this song is just so amazing. I really love how they used galaxy type effects since it goes really well with the song since they’re talking about the earth and gravity. The back drops in the dance shots and solo shots look really great and so cool too. I’m just really loving this galaxy effect. I really love how the S/mileage girls look in these MV. For some reason though, some of the girls have one eye with more makeup than the other (you can really tell with Rina). I don’t know if they were actually going for that look but Kanon’s eye-makeup is perfect in both eyes. It kinda reminds me of f(x)’s Red Light, just not so dramatic and not looking like you have a black eye.

The Outfits/Dance: I wasn’t a huge fan of these red outfits when I first seen them but I’m really amazed on how well and great they look and pop out in this music video. The red really pops out in contrast with the blue. I can’t help but like these red outfits now. I guess I didn’t like them at first because they just seemed pretty plain and not really that flattering for the girls. It’s not that I really love these outfits now it’s just more like I don’t mind them and can tolerate them now. As for the dance, from what I can see I think it looks pretty cool and there’s one part that I really love, and it’s that part that matches my favourite “fu” parts. They go down in a line and point up or down (depending on the girl) like a ticking clock. I think that’s the coolest and most impressive dance move in this song.

Overall: Overall I like this song just as much as Aa Susukino. It’s going to take a while to memorize the title of this song since it’s pretty long but if I could memorize how to say “Onaji Jikyuu de Hatarku Tomodachi no Bijin Mama” without missing a beat, I think I can memorize “Chikyuu wa Kyou mo Ai wo Hagukumu” sooner or later. As of right now I think I’ll also give this song a 9.1 / 10.

I’m really loving both singles from S/mileage’s this time. I didn’t think the last single “Mystery Night! / Eighteen Emotion” was very good in the end so I’m happy that S/mileage got some great singles this time. I’ve pre-ordered my copies awhile ago and now I can’t wait to get them. I just really love both of these songs~! I hope it does well on the charts.

It’s release date is August 20th.
If you like S/mileage’s 17th single “Aa Susukino / Chikyuu wa Kyou mo Ai wo Hagukumu” as much as me, be sure to order your copies so you can help and support S/mileage with their newest single.


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  1. Great review. I also think that these singles will become some of my favourite S/mileage tracks. Only thing I am not keen on is the way Tsunku seems to be adding in dialogue lines to their tracks (I remember he went through a phase of that with Morning Musume once), but that is a minor point and I am pleased the more mature style (in both song and MV) is moving them away from the ‘girls in short skirts’ image.

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