Poster Giveaway Winners!

haray!I never thought how popular this giveaway would get so since many people joined I decided to add 2 more winners with the original three that I planned to do in the beginning. So I will now announce the 5 winners of this giveaway!

The highlighted names in the blue are the people who won! Congratulations!
I will get in contact with all winners and hopefully will be sending out these posters. If anybody needs to get in contact with me, please send an email to or a message on my tumblr which is runchiarun. If you do not reply within 2 days, I will have give the prize to the next winner instead. So please reply and get in contact ASAP!

I must thank of you all for entering this giveaway!  I’m very happy on how well and popular this giveaway turned out to be!  If I have anymore giveaways, I hope you guys will try your luck and join those ones as well (*^^*)!! Thank you, thank you!!


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