Juice=Juice’s 4th Single “Black Butterfly / Kaze ni Fukarete” (MV’s)

HKCN-50375It looks like that the MV’s for Juice=Juice’s 4th single “Black Butterfly / Kaze ni Fukarete” has been uploaded on their official Youtube channel recently so today I’m going to be talking about and sharing some of my thoughts about their newest singles.

Black Butterfly

The Song: I haven’t heard this song until it the preview was on this week’s Hello Station, and at first listen I didn’t really know what to make of this song, but after a few listens here and there Black Butterfly turns out to be a very good and well written song for Juice=Juice. It’s interesting to see Juice=Juice to get flamenco song to now a tango song. These type of songs are indeed fresh, in Hello! Project that is.

The song itself is sung a bit more serious by the girls than any other Juice=Juice song. I think it take some more time and a few more listens for me to develop more thoughts about this song since I still don’t really know what to think about. It’s a good song but I don’t really have much of explanation on what I like about it.

black1The MV: What I really like about this MV is that it’s a seriously smart one and very well planned out. When I first seen the opening butterfly of the music video and I was really curious on why they used a blue emperor butterfly (thanks to animal crossing, I now know my butterflies) instead of a “black” butterfly as the song is titled. I’ve come to realize that maybe that’s not it’s all about. The “black” butterfly are the girls themselves. As you can see in the picture below the that main choreography for this dance is the butterfly pose they do every time they sing the words “black butterfly”. Sayuki is the body and her arms are the antenna, while Akari and Yuka are the top wings and Karin and Tomoko are the bottom wings. The girls’ positions change, yes, but it is relatively the same.

Not just with their black outfits and their dance positions that makes them butterflies it’s also the lyrics of the song. It’s like the character in this song is trapped in their own thoughts, which is also why there’s fences in this music video. This girl wants a sweet and simple love but without exposing her true self too much in it. What she comes up with is that there’s no point in comparing herself to anybody when she’s just herself, she has to face reality. These butterflies dance and dance as they tango to the future.

black2The Dance: The dance does go very well with the tango inspired song. I think it would be really cool if they actually did a tango routine with male partners, or even if they did a tango dance on Dancing with the Stars to this song. That would be really cool! I doubt it would actually happen but I can’t help but to imagine it. They could have Juice=Juice in the center of the floor singing and doing their dance while there would be 4 different couples in each of the corners  doing an actual tango dance.

Overall: Overall I think after a while I think I could really like this song. The tango inspired song does well for Juice=Juice and right now I would give this song a 8.5 / 10.

Kaze ni Fukarete

The Song: I also never really listened to this song until it was on Hello! Station so hearing it for the first was fun and a little shocking for me. You see, this song starts off like a nice little ballad with piano notes then it just sounds like Cape Breton music. My hometown is called Cape Breton in the province Nova Scotia, and Nova Scotia actually means New Scotland so the music here is very Scottish inspired. Hearing music that’s very familiar to me in a Juice=Juice song is extremely cool and definitely made me love this even more. Get some highland dancers in the mix and it’ll just be like home.

The MV: The music video for this song was cool and interesting in beginning with Karin throwing a paper airplane and the other four girls end up running to her location. You can’t help but wonder why they’re running towards her and why but once they all finally get to Karin she just makes a little disappointed face and it ends there. WHY WERE THEY RUNNING? This is horrible, why did they end the video at a cliffhanger? What happened to Karin? I guess we’ll never know unless the next single’s music video shows another little story and shows why Karin called them all over. Sheesh, the ending rattled me.

The Dance: I find there’s not much dance shots shown since they focused more on the running of the girls and Karin being on the rooftop of a building waiting for them, plus with the close-up shots, I didn’t really find there was much shots of the dance. But what I can see from the shots that were shown, I think it’s a pretty calm dance with quite a bit of wavering dance moves. I guess it goes well with the song since it’s talking about the wind.

Overall: Overall I think Kaze ni Fukarete is my most favourite out of the two. It has some home factors that I really like about it which we didn’t hear much of since Milky Way’s “Anataboshi”. I would give this song a 9 / 10.


Juice=Juice seems like they can’t be stopped in getting some really great songs that I end really liking. I definitely and generally like both of these songs. They have different styles and worldly inspired, it makes me curious on where their next single is inspired from. I’m really glad I ended up ordering a few copies of this song for myself since I wasn’t really sure if I would like the songs or not since I pretty much just bought them cause I liked the outfits for Black Butterfly. Way to go Juice=Juice for getting some pretty great songs, with some really good lyrics and music videos.

It’s release date is July 30th.
If you liked these songs and music videos be sure to buy your copies to help support Juice=Juice with their 4th single title “Black Butterfly / Kaze ni Fukarete”.

2 responses

  1. Hello. I was looking through my daughter’s browsing history and saw this blog. It seems to be full of Jpop music. I would like to ask your opinion.

    I am worried about my daughter. For six years she has spent her time obsessing about little Japanese girls. She watches their music videos, listens to their music, and looks at images of them. She has even bought music from Japan. I think it is inane. Even worse, these little girls parade around in bikinis for old men. It is sick. I have seen the music videos. They all prance around singing about lost innocence. For example, the one you talked about has them singing about sex dressed in scantily clad outfit! She has attempted to show me some videos that she claims aren’t naughty, such as a song called “wagamam” by some Morning group, but they are all engineered. It is so fake. Of course they know that 50 year old men use them for their sexual desires. Why does my daughter see them as role models? Why would anyone like this disgusting “idol” group. That’s all she does- idolize them. Please help me understand because I simply don’t get why someone her age would like this borderline softcore porn. I am sick of this. She even wants to go to Japan and see them.

    • Hello!
      Thanks for your comment (^^)!
      I understand your concern since it seem a little odd for your daughter to idolize Japanese girls but it’s nothing to worry about. And I’ll try to explain things the best I can.

      It is true that these girls do bikini shots for magazines and photobooks, it seem a little weird but it is nothing naughty. In Japan, it is totally normal for idol’s to do photobooks so they don’t see anything wrong with them. In North America on the other hand would think the worse about girls doing photobooks. It is definitely a culture thing I would think. As for the fans, it is also true that it’s mostly men in their middle ages (I think average age is around 30). There are some perverted people out in the world, but what I can assume is that the fans of these groups, they aren’t like that. They see the girls as pure and innocent so they want to protect and support them in any way such as buying their merchandise, going to their concerts, etc. And there are songs that are a bit suggestive but it’s not like the songs are solely written about sex like some pop songs that really popular in North America. Most of the songs that written for them are energetic, positive, uplifting, inspiration, and about believing in yourself, believing in other people, not giving up, love, and lost love.

      The reason I love and idolize these girls are not for the bikini shots, the sexy songs, or older fans. I love and idolize these girls because when I feel down I can just watch videos of them singing my favourite songs and doing amazing dances, and they can just lift my mood up and make me more happier. They have some really great songs with amazing beats that I can’t help but love. These girls are human beings who have hardships in their lives, but yet they keep singing and dancing for the love of their fans. These girls love and are so grateful for their fans. Which I can’t help but admire. I would also love to meet these girls just to tell them thank you and that I love them. They helped me so much in these past five years that I liked them.

      Idols in Japan and Idols in North America are two cultural different things. What’s normal in Japan may seem abnormal in other places. I can understand when you’re coming from. As a parent I would be a little concerned at first if my daughter suddenly liked Japanese girls who sing and dance all over the place, but if she liked them for six years as you say she must really love and admire them as such as I do. As a parent I would just accept that that’s what she likes and is interesting in. When I first got into idols I use to be so concerned on what my mom would think and that she would think I’m so weird or something but she’s very supportive of my interests (which surprised me at first) and understands that it’s very important factor in my life.

      I hope that kinda helped you understand but if not, don’t be shy to ask more questions.

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