C-ute’s 25th Single “The Power / Kanashiki Heaven (single version)” (MV’s)

1a5a69afb007a8eb121fb458190bfe0b219bbd44Since the MV’s for C-ute’s long awaited single “The Power / Kanashiki Heaven (single version)” were recently uploaded onto their official youtube channel, I’m going to be talking a little about what I think of these new music videos and songs. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been impatiently waiting for these music videos to come out since I first heard the concert rip of The Power. Anyway, let’s get to it~!

The Power

The Song: When I first heard the radio rip for The Power, in only a few seconds of listening, I was madly in love with this song. This song has a bit of an India feel to it, which you don’t really see in much H!P songs. I think Morning Musume’s Koi no Dance Site has a bit of this theme going for it too, but that single was released a long time ago, I guess Tsunku decided to bring back this style. The Power is different from any recent EDM H!P songs, plus any previous C-ute single, and I’m glad that C-ute got this song since it fits their vocals and image really well.

Now finally reading the lyrics for this song, it does have some power to it. The girls believe that their guy should spread out his wings and do what he believes it and maybe all the things he’s been saying may come true some day. But the girls are also saying that this boy says big things but in reality compared to the world it’s only a small thing that doesn’t really matter. And another thing that these girls are saying about this boy is that if makes her cry or humiliates her then she’ll drag him to the bottom and that he won’t see a tomorrow.

At first it was cute to see that she believes in this boy but then if he upsets her she’ll mess him up. It’s a little scary if you ask me. It’s like the C-ute girls are Queens in this Indian land, and if you mess with them, it’ll be off with your heads. These are powerful women who will cheer for you and believe in you as long as you don’t cross their line.

It’s a great song if you ask me. Even before I read the lyrics, I just thought it’s a pretty catchy song. Plus Mai’s little autotuned lines are quite interesting, and to me they sound a little like Ayaya. It wasn’t noticeable in the concert rip but in the radio rip it like came out of nowhere and surprised me. I was like there was no way Ayaya can be featured in a C-ute single, and was wondering whose voice could it be, but I kinda figured it was Mai’s vocals.


The MV: I was hoping and praying that the music video for this single would be just as great. I had my fingers crossed that they would use a set that really fits the theme of the song. It feels I like I waited forever for this MV, but holy snap, I couldn’t have wished for anything better. They did what I was hoping for, along with exceeding my expectations.

It seems that they actually used a really cool looking location, from what it appears it might be a fancy hotel somewhere. But it looks like a total dreamy oasis. Plus the girls being in with all the Indian patterns that seem to be in a kaleidoscope is an amazing touch for the music video that I absolutely love.

I couldn’t expect anything better for these Queens that live in a far away and exotic land. This music video is just absolute perfection.


The Dance: I thought the  dance wasn’t as good as it could be for this song, but it works for them and goes along with the lyrics and the dance break incorporates a little of the culture that holds the theme. It’s a pretty alright dance if you ask me, but the girls look great while doing it. I don’t have much else to say about the dance so I’m just going to leave it at that~

Overall: Overall this single is at the peek of perfection. The song is amazing, the music video is just as amazing, and it has a pretty good dance that follows it up. This just might be my most favourite song of the year. It’s extremely good and it’s a perfect song for the Summer. I think I would have to give this song a 9.3 / 10.

Kanashiki Heaven (single version) 

The Song: When Kanashiki Heaven first came out back in 2012, I did not like the song at all and I only listened to it once before. I avoided listening to Kanashiki Heaven whenever I could and I was puzzled on how and why so much people actually liked it. So when Kanashiki Heaven (single version) was announced to be a single along with The Power, I really didn’t like the idea of it at all. It was like Kanashiki Heaven got promoted enough before it was even a single and now it’s going to be even more promoted, why would they even do that?

Since it is a single now, I decided to give this song more of a chance and listened to the radio rip one day. I must say that Kanashiki Heaven (single version) is only arranged differently, nothing else really changed. But at least now the other three girls Maimi, Saki, Mai sing a unison line with the other two here and there. I guess it’s better than just Airi and Chisato bolting away at the lyrics.

But of course people are complaining on why they just arranged a b-side song to make it a single, and that they don’t like it that Airi and Chisato are the only ones that are singing. Let’s take a little look at some Hello! Project history, shall we? Morning Musume’s Chokkan was first an album song on their 6th album in 2004 and not even nine months later Chokkan 2 was released as a single. And of course let’s not forget about C-ute’s SHOCK. That was entirely all Airi! I loved SHOCK but people didn’t like Suzuki Airi ft. C-ute, but now in 2014 it’s Suzuki Airi & Okai Chisato ft. C-ute. I think it’s a good step up from 2010 if you ask me.

power3The MV: The music video for Kanashiki Heaven (single version) is actually quite good. It seems to me that the location for this music video is at some type of warehouse since the girls are leaning on building and also some storage crates, and they even dance on some type of port with the beautiful sky in the background. I think the music video fits really well with the song. I kinda wish that this music video had a bit more shots of the girls outside either solo shots or the dance shot but the scenery is just so nice, I didn’t like seeing them being stuck dancing in a dark building.

power4The Dance: Since I never paid any attention to the previous Kanashiki Heaven, I’m not entirely sure if it’s the same dance or a remake of the dance. Since the song was only arranged slightly, I’m going to guess that it’s the same for the dance too. Speaking of dance, was anybody confused about the random pole dancing as I was? I get it, it was cool for Crazy Kanzenna Otona at one of their recent concerts but I thought it was really random to put it into Kanashiki Heaven. It also just looks like the pole dance that they did for Crazy Kanzenna Otona, no original pole dancing for this song either I guess (ahaha).

Overall: I guess overall I do like this song a lot more than I did before, I must admit. I’m not one of those people was extremely excited for this remake of a song since there’s no originality about it besides the location of the music video. I think I would give this remake of a single a 8.5 / 10.


The Power is amazingly good and is pretty close to being my most favourite single of the year so far, while Kanashiki Heaven (single version) just helped me like the song a bit more than I use to. In my opinion, for C-ute’s 25th single it seems like they got one really perfect song while the other is just kinda average for me. Well since I already bought my copies of this single long ago, it looks like I’m going to be listening to both of these songs quite a bit. Just maybe I’ll like Kanashiki Heaven (single version) even more by the end of the year, who knows!

It’s release date is July 16th.
If you like these songs as well, be sure to order your copies to help support the C-ute girls with their newest double-a side single “The Power / Kanashiki Heaven (single version)”


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