Flashback Friday #3: Mano Erina’s 2nd Single “Hajimete no Keiken” (MV)

cover1Can you believe it’s Friday already? It seems like I just did my last weeks Flashback Friday but yet here I am again with this weeks post. This week I’ll be talking about Mano Erina’s 2nd single “Hajimete no Keiken” which was released on May 20th 2009.

The MV: Since I wasn’t much of a Mano fan during my early H!P days I didn’t watch any of her MV’s until Onegai Dakara, so watching this MV was a first for me.

I thought the MV for this song isn’t really that great. The cut scenes were too all over the place while singing just one sentence there’s about 3 scenes of Erina singing from different spots and locations. And I didn’t really get what she was doing, there was no plot what so ever. It was just like “let’s have play with the turtle, then the fish, then we’ll have her sit a couch with purple pillow, then let’s have her play her piano, oh and let’s throw a dance scene.” This MV is just a mess.

I loved seeing Dawa lip-syncing while being a little backup dancer, but that would probably be my only favourite part of this MV. I mean that I love seeing a younger and a much adorable Mano Erina and I miss her a lot in the current Hello! Project, but I just did not like this MV.


The Song: Honestly I do like the song quite a bit. It’s a cute and fun song to listen to. It doesn’t really stand out as much as Mano’s other singles but it’s still a cute song, and it’s a little catchy with all the words that she repeats like natsu, koi, and yura. I don’t really got much else to say about this song so I’ll leave it at that.


The Dance: The backup dancers are adorable as heck, but again it’s just not a very good dance and it seems to be very repetitive. Even in the MV it just shows the same moves over and over again. Even Mano’s solo dance doesn’t seem to be any good.

Overall: I’m actually surprised how much I didn’t like the MV or the dance and it just seems that I just like the song from this whole single. I guess I would have to give this single a 6.7 / 10. I thought I liked this single a little more than that but actually watching the MV ranked it a bit lower. I love Mano Erina but some her earlier singles aren’t really that great.


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