Flashback Friday #1: Guardians 4’s 4th Single “Going On!” (MV)

Since I’m out of school now and have more time on hands, I thought of a cool idea of talking about older releases (which I never blogged about before) on Friday’s and calling it Flashback Friday. I think this segment of my blog will most likely be me talking about what I remember about my first thoughts about these singles, rather than reviewing them the way I do with more recent singles.

This is the first week and it looks like I’m talking about Guardians 4’s 4th single and last single “Going on!” which dates from January 20th 2010.

The MV: To be honest, I don’t think I ever watched the whole MV of this song. I’m sure I seen glimpses here and there, and I use to watch the dance shot a lot when I tried learning this dance way back when, so watching the whole MV was kinda interesting.

Since it’s a Guardians 4 video, there’s some clips from the anime Shugo Chara that are shown. And it seems that there’s little animal’s directing and filming the video. I think it’s kinda cute but I remember people use to say that they were creepy and that they didn’t like them. I think it’s kinda cute and interesting. The director making them pose with odd vegetables was cute and funny, but now it just reminds me of the cover of Juice=Juice 1st indie single “Watashi ga Iu Mae ni Dakishimenakya ne”, but at least Juice=Juice’s fruits weren’t that odd to pose with.

I remember I use to think that Nacky looked so gorgeous and stunning back in 2009 and 2010. I don’t really know what happened but I don’t really think she’s as stunning anymore. Yes, I still think she’s pretty but I use to think she was the cutest thing in Hello! Project. I remember I got defensive about her one time too. I showed my best friend the MV for Omekase Guardian and she said she thinks Nacky was ugly and I was like “WHAAT!? I think she’s so gorgeous!! What’s wrong with you?!” Hahaha! But yeah guys, I use to really love Nacky at one point in time. I think it was this during the transition of Β me switching #1 girls, it was Ai-chan in the very beginning but then not long after I liked Nacky, Dawa went being my #1 girl πŸ™‚ !


The Song: The song itself is a very cute song. I really adore it and it either is or close being my most favourite Guardians 4 single. The lines are all pretty even between the girls, even though it seems like the lines in all Guardians 4 singles are pretty even.

But the girls do sound pretty good though during their solo lines and shared lines. I think I love Nacky’s and Risako’s lines the most, I’m not really a huge fan of Aika’s or Yurina’s vocals. Aika’s vocals are too squeaky and I find she’s trying too hard to sound really cutesy in this song, and with Yurina’s vocals I just use to think that they were just bland. Hrm, I don’t think I no longer think of Yurina’s vocals that way anymore since I got more use to them as time went by, but I really use to never like her vocals.


The Dance: The dance is also pretty cute. It’s a very hoppy, bouncy, and spinney dance. Well, watching Nacky doing this dance looks to be bouncy and spinney. Of course they included the heart lock/unlock type of thing in the dance has they do with pretty much all dances from Guardians 4 and Shugo Chara Egg to put even more aspects from Shugo Chara into the song. But despite that, I really like this dance, it’s fun and it’s cute.

Overall: I think this single is pretty great and fairly cute. I think I give it a 7 / 10. There was definitely better songs released in 2010, but then again this song would be pretty high on my 2010 song list since there was also some bad songs in that year too.


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