Novel Review: The Soul Seeker Series

I’ll try not to include much spoilers, but I can’t say that there won’t be any. So this is to warn about possible spoilers, but if you’re interested in my little reviews, please give a check!

So I recently just finished reading The Soul Seeker Series written by Alyson Noel which include Fated, Echo, Mystic and Horizon. I just kinda want to talk about them a little and share some of my thoughts about the four books I just mentioned. I know this is a bit different from my usual posts, but I feel like writing and this is the topic of the day.


Let’s started with the first book of the series called Fated.

Thoughts: Now, I didn’t really like this book. I just found that Daire was really stubborn, selfish, a bit self-centered, and I just didn’t like the attitude that she  had in this book. I didn’t like her, so I tried my best to just finish this book and get it over with so I could start another novel (I don’t like reading two books at once).

During the duration of the book, it did become a bit better and I guess I enjoyed it more near the end. But because I raced through it I don’t really it remember that well. I know that some the key points happened that follow through in the next books but I don’t remember or recall when the key points happened.

I would give this book a 6 / 10.
It’s definitely a passable book that I may read again sometime in the future since I’m enjoying this series and I don’t want it too end, but personally for me it was a hard start. The series is really good and it’ll probably be best to read this book if you’re interested in reading this series since it’s the first book.


The second book is called Echo.

Thoughts: Echo was definitely better than the first and enjoyed a lot more than the first book. Daire was more likable. I don’t remember if it happened in the first book but point of view’s change from Daire to Dace (I’m pretty sure it happened in first book though), and it also changes to a mysterious boy named Axel near the end. With Cade trying to force the prophecy it only causes things to turn out the way you don’t expect. But like I said before, Echo is way better than Fated.

The one problem for me that happen in the book is the whole “I realize I’m in love, let’s have sex right here right now” cliche. But other one that’s worse than that cliche is “I realize I’m in love, let’s have sex right here right now, but afterwards the boy breaks her heart by leaving her in order to protect her” cliche. I hate those cliche’s the most, but guess what, both of them happen in this novel unfortunately.

I would give this novel an 8 / 10.
I enjoyed this book more than the first and I was really excited to start the third since they it kinda ends at cliff hanger. It’s only like that since when you read the last page I was like “What? Really? What’s going to happen?” so right after I finished this book, I started the next.


The third book is called Mystic.

Thoughts: Mystic is by far my favourite book of the series. I really liked this one. The way the story went, I thought it flowed really well. Even though I really liked this book of the series, I found it a little predictable. It was easy for me to predict what would happen before it was said that it actually happened (especially when it came to Dace’s soul).  But besides this book being a bit predictable, I really liked and enjoyed reading this one.

Even though some parts are predictable, there’s one thing that is not answer at all in this series and it’s how Lita can see Axel since nobody is supposed to see him, only those who are on the very verge of dying but yet Lita can see him somehow. I would want to how she was able to see him, but because it’s never mentioned we don’t know.

I would give this book a 9 / 10.
I was sad to finish to this book, but again I was excited to start the next.


The last and final book of the series is called Horizon.

Thoughts: As I was excited to read the very last book of the series, I was also a bit hesitant since Mystic was such a good I was curious if Horizon was just as good, and plus I didn’t really want to finish and be done with this series quite yet. But for me, it wasn’t.

I loved how Cade was developing into a more loving human and just generally slowing becoming a bit of a nice guy. During this whole series I would have to say Cade was my favourite character, even though he was supposed to seen as bad and evil, I really liked the guy.

I was really disappointed that he was actually killed by the end of it. The whole “love can and will get through anything” was mentioned too much in this series. I get it, love is powerful n’ all, but it didn’t really need to expressed in every novel in pretty much in every chapter. Cade was beginning to feel the power of love and yet Daire still killed him. I felt like I didn’t really want to continue reading since I was only curious about it most when it involved Cade.

I also didn’t really like the ending of this book. It could have just ended in Mystic and I would have been content. It was what I expected and it just kinda annoyed me by the end of it. Cade bought her a beautiful dress and mask, and he almost chose Daire instead of his father, I don’t think Cade should have died. Yes, the Richters should have been since they were evil and controling, but I don’t think Cade should have been killed off as well.

I would give this book a 7 / 10.
Now that I finished this series, it’s time to start something else and open another book. I quite liked this series of novels. For the most part I really liked 2 of the books, while the other ones were either okay or just plain meh.

I guess I would recommend this series. Definitely give Echo and Mystic a shot, but if you’re interested in all of the books, it’s definitely worth a chance.

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