Chia’s May Giveaway~ [NOW CLOSED]

Sakura ChisatoHappy Friday everybody! I’ve just decided this morning that I’ll do another giveaway! As you may have read my latest get’s post, you may know that I got some goods from Hello! Project’s Hina Fest 2014 ~Full Course~ concert.

I gotten eight collection photos in that package and they all were different members, but I didn’t get my all time favorite member Wada Ayaka. Since I’ve just bought the Dawa photo from Yahoo Auctions Japan, I realized I’ll have no room her, so to make room I’m giving away one of these photos! I really like the other members that I got and it wouldn’t really matter to me which of these girls go out of my little Hina Fest collection photo page.


1) To enter this giveaway, please comment below saying which girl you would want.

2) Only comments here on this blog count towards the giveaway.
Reblogs or likes on tumblr do not count.

3) When you comment please include your tumblr address or even your facebook account (facebook is totally option). This is so I can notify you right away about your winnings and get a fast reply from you as well.

4) If you do not wish to include your tumblr or facebook, please at least check this blog on the deadline as there will be a post saying who won this giveaway, along with my contact email.

5) Deadline is May 20th 2014! 

There’s 11 days to enter this giveaway! I wish the best of luck to all of you!

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