Morning Musume ’14 to have a concert in New York.

tumblr_n4wg3fDTZP1qz8cp6o1_500It’s been announced today at Morning Musume ’14’s concert that they will have a concert in New York on October 5th 2014. Here is the article from Oricon about today’s news (article). Since Oricon is all in Japanese, here’s the information about the event in English from Anime News Network (article).


I was pretty pumped when I read this news at 6am in the morning (I have a habit at getting up at this time to turn off my alarm before it goes off, I check the news then I go back to bed). They will be performing in New York! From my residence, it’s only a 13 hour drive away from the city. That is a lot closer than Japan, and it’s probably a lot lighter on my wallet. I’ve decided that I’ll be going to this event with my mom rather than going to Japan alone. There’s some pro’s and con’s for me about not going to Japan anymore, but I feel less stressed about this event.

Though this event is just Morning Musume ’14, I’ll be glad to attend this event, and since it’s a bit close to Sayumi’s graduation date it’ll be totally awesome to see her perform before she leaves us. I’m so excited about this concert! Definitely check out the articles above to see more details!


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