Michishige Sayumi to Graduate from Morning Musume and Hello! Project.

Some shocking and sad news to read about early in the morning! Our gracious leader and the last remaining 6th generation member, Michishige Sayumi, will be graduating from Morning Musume and Hello! Project at the end of Morning Musume ’14’s autumn tour this year.

As of right now I’m not as emotional as I thought about I would be when I would think of her graduating. Of course, this is only the announcement, I’m sure I’ll be even devastated the day of her graduation but right now I’m a little sad. When I read the news while half asleep, the first thing I did was look at Sayumi in my Morning Musume posters while thinking how weird Morning Musume would look without her and if they would do good without her.

As becoming a fan of Morning Musume during the platinum era years, I’m a bit bias when it comes to those nine girls. After seeing those girls graduate one after another, it’s been a heartbreak one after another. And since Sayu is last remaining member and one of my favorites, this is a major heartbreak. I am sad but I’m not in tears or anything like that. I’m just guessing my emotions will be more of a mess on that sad day in fall. We may have seen this day coming, but I didn’t think  it would be this soon or even in this year.


Here is what Sayumi had to say:

I, Michishige Sayumi, will be graduating from Morning Musume on the final day of Morning Musume ’14′s 2014 Autumn concert tour.

I have said roughly two years ago when I was appointed leader that I would “pay my debt of gratitude to Morning Musume”.

During it all, it has not been by my efforts alone that we were able to achieve 5 consecutive Number 1s, but through all our various activities, little by little, I feel that perhaps I was able to pay off the favor.

Therefore, after consulting with Tsunku-san and the company, it was decided the graduation will take place in this year’s concert tour.

Nevertheless, there is still time left, I still have things I want to teach and to show my juniors.
I would still like to create precious memories with all the fans as well.

And now, from here on is when I truly pay back the favor.
I would like to graduate from Morning Musume in its best form,
as I pass the baton over to the next generation.

Best regards until Autumn.

Here’s what Tsunku has to say:

Hello everyone, this is Tsunku♂.
I have been working hard at my own pace even during my recuperation.
So, let’s get right to it. Today at Morning Musume ’14′s concert in Shuunanshi Bunka Kaikan in Yamanashi, 6th generation member, current leader “Michishige Sayumi” has announced herself that she will be graduating in the 2014 Autumn concert tour.

She has been a member of Morning Musume for “4118 days” (Up to April 29, 2014), and has been the longest standing member in the group’s history.

The precious 6th generation members holds experiences from the full bloom era and the idoling era.
Since then the group has returned to a pyramid scheme where she took top spot as leader. She has been vastly active in many sense.

It is true that from 9th generation down the group is filled with young members, certainly there she feels a bit uneasy. Also, there are still lots of things she wants to teach the upcoming members as well. However, she says that, “Before the phrase, “Great! I’m cute as well today!” becomes a gag, I want to graduate in a cute way for real”. And so, “Since the group is all the buzz now, I feel my graduation time is ‘Now’.”, just as what you would expect from her.

I really like this kind of “rock” thinking. Actually we had talked about what the plan would be for the coming 2 years. The result was, since various records have been recently broken, this year was the best timing for Michishige to graduate, in the Fall of this year.

As per her wishes, the other members were told the night before, face to face, instead of being told on the concert stage suddenly. And for fans, she wanted to deliver this news in her hometown of Yamanashi, so it came down to announcing it in today’s concert.

The graduation may seem soon, but we still have some time left until then.

For Morning Musume to build on top of the legend that has been achieved so far going into the graduation I ask everyone to please up your game for her until she leaves the group!

Those who want to become a member of Leader Michishige’s of Morning Musume ’14,
We are currently recruiting members! You can still make it!
Please give it a try! We’ll be waiting!

Also here’s the video: 

One response

  1. It’s about time. For some it feels like it was too soon, but it wasn’t. She has the longest period of time being a MM member. It’s time for her to move forward and focus on her own career or even maybe date someone.

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