Morning Musume ’14’s 56th Single “Toki wo Koe, Sora wo Koe / Password is 0” (MV’s)

Tumblr_n2qoawhsDa1qiapv1o3_1280The MV’s for Morning Musume ’14’s 56th single “Toki wo Koe, Sora wo Koe / Password is 0” has been recently uploaded on their offical youtube channel, and here on my blog, I will be somewhat talking about some of my thoughts about their newest double-a side single.

Toki wo Koe, Sora wo Koe

The Song: I think the song is absolutely beautiful through the rhythm and the lyrics. It’s a very well-rounded beautiful ballad with girls’ vocals all in unison. It was a song I listened to repeat for a very long time even though it was only radio rip at the time. For some reason I just loved this song, and for me it definitely it had a deeper meaning even though I haven’t seen a MV or even the translated lyrics yet. So finally seeing the MV and how beautiful and deep the lyrics were, it was no wonder why I loved this song as much as I did the first time I heard it.

I get the feeling that this song could have been sung by the Platinum 9 Era members with no problem and almost just as well as the Colorful Character Era sung this song. I think the Colorful Character girls did really well with this song since all of their vocals sounded really wonderful in this song. With only one little auto-tuned solo line from Sayumi which was fabulous, and some Woah’s harmonized by Riho and Sakura, everything else was in unison.

I really love and adore this song, and it’s been a little while since I loved a ballad from Morning Musume. It has a great rhythm with some really nice piano and violin pieces. Even though I really love listening to this song, there’s this little beep sound that appears during some parts during the song. It appears that I have some type of sensory issues with my hearing so that random beeping bothers me quite a bit, but I try not to pay any attention to it since I just want to enjoy listening to this beautiful song.

The MV: The MV is also beautiful as the song. The MV has a galaxy and space backdrop to it and it’s very visually appealing to the eyes, even more when the color hue of the galaxy changes during the MV. It has also has some spheres hanging about in galaxy. It’s just a thought but wouldn’t it be really cool if the spheres were designed like the planets, or what if they’re the moons of the Morning Musume ’14 planet?

Or here’s another thought, what if the girls are the moons? Since the girls are shown in their own circles from time to time in the MV, and the background of the stunning solo shots is the color gray which matches the color of the spheres. If you actually think about it, it would make some kind of sense that the girls are the moons. Almost like the man (or rabbit) in the moon, but instead it’s a beautiful girl in the moon.

Leading away from my little conspiracy theories, I just want to talk about the MV a little bit more before I go on about the dance. Every member looks absolutely stunning and beautiful in every shot in this MV, and it’s absolutely memorizing. My most favorite part of this MV would probably be Ayumi’s kick just about the 4 minute mark. Her kick matched the very exact beat of the song just before it went back to the chorus, it impressed me quite a bit and I really love that part.

The Dance: I must somewhat agree with a few people of the fandom and say that this dance is a bit of a mess. Yes, some parts are a little messy, but with this type of song and with Morning Musume ’14 now known for their formation dances I think they did a pretty good job with it. It’s more of a lyric dance, and normally I don’t usually like those types of dances but I think this choreography is pretty well done. I really loved Riho’s and Ayumi’s dance since it reminded me of some kind of ritual dance. A ritual dance of the moons to purify their planet. That’s probably why they’re barefoot too, you can’t do a ritual dance with heels and boots on, you have to feel the earth or ground you dance on to signify the ritual more.

I absolutely love everything of Toki wo Kore, Sora wo Koe. It’s a very beautiful song with a deeper meaning than just love paired with a very beautiful and memorizing MV. Their blue dresses are beautiful, and I even think the dance is beautiful. I would probably give this song a 9.5 / 10.

Password is 0

The Song: I really like the beat of the song. I find that this song would probably be played at some sort of dance club since I think it holds a type of beat that anybody could dance freely to. Also, this song is fairly catchy with it’s chorus and with it the lines “Zero zero zero password is zero”

It also has the line “What goes around comes around” which was I did not recognize hearing during the radio rip until I seen the live version of this song during an episode of Hello! Station and I just happen to look at the lyrics that were on huge screen of the concert. It was like “What the snap? That whole phrase of English was in there the whole time?” Engrish is sometimes a wonderful thing, don’t you think? But now that I know what is being sung, this part seems to be on of my favorite parts of the song, along with Sakura’s line when she says “I love all” I think those parts are one of the coolest.

Β I really like how the lyrics of this song are also not so focused on love or being in love or needing some kind of man to love them. It’s more like the empowerment of life and the ambition to live. Who needs a man when you can enjoy following your dreams and take chances in life while you’re still young, and do the things you want to do without needing to explain yourself. Live your life the way you want to.

I also thought it was pretty cool whenever a verse ended with “nai” it was often followed by the zero’s. Nai is often to explain not doing something. So when Mizuki says the lines “You have absolutely nothing to hide” it’s followed by the zero’s. It’s like the person has a zero chance of hiding anything from her. It’s not to much to be expanded on, but I thought it was another cool feature of this song. I hope you guys catch my drift, and I don’t sound that crazy.

The MV: There’s two things that pop in my head whenever I watch this MV. First of all, it has some pretty cool computerized numbers and letters floating about in the MV that seems to remind me a little bit of the Matrix. And second of all, Riho is everywhere and the she’s like the main center of this MV.

Every shot you get in the dance shot, you pretty much get a different angle of Riho. Now, even though I like Riho and I don’t mind her being the center of Morning Musume ’14, I just thought maybe Riho was focused a little too much in this MV. But at least whenever the other members were the focused they all looked stunning so it’s not like Riho stole all of their spotlight.

The girl who I thought stuck out the most in this MV would be Masaki. When my eyes weren’t forced to look at Riho, my eyes were glued to Masaski. I think she just looks so cute and sweet with her pulled back hairstyle, and I find when it’s somebody else’s turn to sing their line you can see the little cutie moving her lips and lip syncing away when it’s not even her parts. I think it’s really cute, probably not so professional of her, but she is pretty unpredictable.

The set of the MV is actually a bit plain but with the flashy red sequined outfits and the flashy effects, it really makes this MV a really cool one that I enjoy watching.

The Dance: I also really like the dance for this song. I thought it was really cool and impressive how well this dance matches with the beat and rhythm of the song. I really love the parts of the dance that happen during first 20 seconds, I think that’s like the best part of the dance and the part that I enjoy the most.

Again Morning Musume ’14 is paired with another formation dance, and in dance they’re supposed to making a star at one in the dance. It’s a pretty cool dance and I think it’s the best Morning Musume ’14 dance yet so far this year. The other dances aren’t that great compared to this one.

Password is 0 is another great song from this double-a side single, and I’m really glad Morning Musume ’14 got paired with these, since I really love both songs. This single definitely makes up for their previous single that I didn’t think was so great. I would also give this song a 9.5 / 10.

Tumblr_n2qoawhsDa1qiapv1o5_1280Both songs for this single are amazingly fabulous, and I recommend anyone to check this songs out! They’re definitely worth the 4 minutes or so you waste to watch these MV’s, and if these songs aren’t your cup of tea, I’m sure you’ll hopefully like the next single.

It’s release date is April 16th.
If you liked this single as much as I did, be sure to buy/order your copies to help support Morning Musume ’14 with their newest single. Let’s hope for a 5th consecutive #1 on the Oricon charts!

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