Super Junior M’s 2014 Comeback “SWING” (MV/KOREAN VERSION)

6ahoSo today I just discovered that Super Junior M has just released a song called “Swing” from their upcoming 3rd mini album also called “Swing.” Now, I don’t normally talk about K-pop as much as I do with Hello! Project but I did just talk about Girls’ Generation’s “Mr.Mr.” recently on my blog (feel free to check that post out), nor do I talk about boy groups/idols. But since I thought this song was pretty cool, and since I liked Super Junior M’s other release called “Perfection”, I thought I would try something different on this blog of mine and talk about some Korean men. Please bare with me though, since I’m not so familiar with the names of the people in K-pop boy groups. Let’s this post going!


The Song: Let’s start off with the song itself. Something that I definitely love about this song straight away is it’s beat and vibe. I can’t really explain the feeling I get from this type of vibe I get from this song. I can’t really think of the right word for it, but it’s a pretty cool and chic song that I don’t really hear much from other K-pop groups (well, maybe not from some of the songs or artists that I usually listen to in the K-pop world). It’s like this song is just really classy but with a modern twist to it. It’s very appealing to my ears, and it’s been quite a while since I liked and enjoyed a K-pop boy band song as much as I like and enjoy this song.

All of the members vocals sound so well in this song and definitely match the vibe of this song really well. Just with one listen of this song it got me hooked, and it’s a song I wouldn’t really mind listening to on repeat for a few hours or so. It kind of reminds me of the type of song Super Junior had with “SPY”, and I’m just really loving this song. It’s really catchy, and I enjoy it quite a bit, and I like it enough to actually talk about it on this lovely blog of mine (K-pop doesn’t usually make the cut).

The MV: I’m also really fond of the MV. I think it has a pretty cool and interesting theme going for it, and it’s also a bit funny and fun to watch during the very beginning of the video and the near the very end. The boys all look very sharp and classy with their suits, then they also look quite casual when they remove their jackets. They all look very attractive in this music video with jackets or no jackets, everything looks so great on these men.

The format of this video does remind me a little bit of EXO’s “Growl” though, just the way the boys are pushing and moving the camera around and how the camera rotates and moves around for the dance shots. I don’t know if they’re just doing some similar camera work for this video or if it’s a new trend in the K-pop industry within S.M. Entertainment or if it’s just a trend generally going through other K-pop music videos. It’s interesting but super zoom in’s was a bit too much for me. Was it supposed to be in 3D or something? I doubt it but was it really necessary to be zooming into fists and chests? I didn’t think it was that necessary. But besides those little parts the camera work didn’t really bother me, the video itself is pretty well done all around.

The Dance: Like most K-pop dances, this dance impressed me quite a bit and I really loved the dance break in this song. It’s a very visually appealing dance to watch, and these boys really know how to dance. My eyes were mostly on Eunhyuk during the dance parts since he seemed to be the center of the dance, and I thought he was really good at it and maybe a little bit better than the rest of the members.

I generally just really like this song and it’s theme, and  I think I would probably this song a 8.6 / 10.  It’s a really great song, and it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re Super Junior fan or even a moderate K-pop fan such as myself.


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