Morning Musume ’14 12th Generation Audition “Golden Audition”

01Yes, that’s right. Morning Musume ’14 announced at their opening day of their Spring concert tour, that they will have another audition for their 12th Generation. Girls from ages 10-17 can apply, also the Hello Pro Kenshuusei members can also audition for the 12th Generation position. The Application deadline is between March 15th (today) until May 11th. They’re looking for a girl who loves to sing and strongly believes in her own future, she doesn’t have to be a total confident girl but she has to willing to try. It seems that the 12th Gen will be announced near their Autumn tour but will only participate the events, not the tour. They will take lessons until they official debut in 2015 with Morning Musume ’15.

I’m a bit surprised but also not that surprised with this announcement. Lately it just seems pretty normal when Morning Musume is announced to have another generation audition. As along as actually members get added this time, I’m total happy camper. I hoping that another 4-nin generation gets added, then Morning Musume ’14 would really be Morning Musume ’14 for a little bit before the new year begins. I’m actually quite excited for this audition. There’s a few Hello Pro Kenshuusei’s who I would love to see for the 12th Gen.

#1 – Funaki Musubu (age: 11)


Musubu is a total cutie and I absolutely adore her. I would really love to see her try and audition once again for Morning Musume’s 12th Generation. She’ll be so cute with her little baby face. Since she was the weakest during the last finalists, I’m sure she improved during her Hello Pro Kenshuusei time, so I hope she tries again with her improved skills. I think I’m rooting her this girl the most!

#2 – Oura Hirona (age: 13)


Hirona seems pretty certain about being in Morning Musume, so I’m sure she’ll be definitely auditioning again. I think she fits the profile that they want for the new 12th Gen. This girl strongly believes in being a member of Morning Musume, which may be her future, so I think she would get some points for fitting that profile. She’s also another cutie, and she wears glasses from the audition footage from the last audition, her cuteness is pretty close to Musubu’s.

#3 – Danbara Ruru (age: 12)


Ruru is a pretty good singer and a pretty good dancer, she even went to the same actor school as Riho. I think Ruru would be a great add to Morning Musume ’15. Her good qualities would keep Riho and Ayumi on their toes, which a good friendly and harmless rivalry is good for idols. It keeps them to always doing their best, and also trying to improve, and improvement is always great to see. Go Ruru!

#4 – Yoshihashi Kurumi (age: 14)


I really like Kurumi’s singing and dancing qualities, plus I think she has a pretty cute personality. I liked Kurumi for quite awhile now, so I’m going to be rooting for her if she decides to audition her Morning Musume’s 12th gen. I think she’ll fit the Morning Musume image quite well if she joins.

Well, those are my top four Hello Pro Kenshuusei’s I would absolutely love to see in Morning Musume ’15, but there are a few more I wouldn’t mind seeing in the 12th gen position. Those members are Tanabe Nanami, Hamauara Ayano, Murota Mizuki, Yamagishi Riko, Ichioka Reina, Kaga Kaede, Tanaka Karen, Inaba Manaka, and Fujii Rio. Technically, if you actually look at it, I’m rooting for pretty much half of the members of Hello Pro Kenshuusei. I would just love to see a Hello Pro Kenshuusei get a chance to debut, and along with the Country Musume audition, maybe quite a bit of them will get their chances to debut in Hello! Project this year.  Of course I wouldn’t mind seeing some newer girls as well for 12th gen, but I just hope that a Hello Pro Kenshuusei member makes it.


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    • I’m pretty sure that you can apply even if you’re not from Japan. Any nationality is welcome to apply for the audition, well that’s what I’m hearing from a few places. Good luck to you if you are applying (^^)!!

      • So what should i choose in the “State” ? That is all japan prefecture.. Should i choose others? And what should i write for my address?

    • I’m not an expert on these types of applications so I can’t really tell you what or where to put your information. I think you would have to ask somebody else, sorry (;*´Д`)ノ!!

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