Ikuta Erina & Ishida Ayumi Introduce Morning Musume 14’s 2014 Spring Concert Tour Goods.

ikuishiJan jaan! The new goods for Morning Musume 14’s 2014 Spring concert tour are almost here! And today we have Eripon and Ayumin to introduce the new goods so far. I don’t know why but I feel like blogging about this, so I will.


The first thing that is introduced to us is the member t-shirt. It’s pretty much just a gray t-shirt with a member color lighting bolt near the breast area and the tour name near the bum. Even though it’s pretty simple design (for some reason the t-shirts are getting really simple and a bit plain, and even more expensive on e-line up even though it just a t-shirt with no member pictures or wrist bands), I kind of like it. It’s a t-shirt that isn’t too vibrant and you could probably get away with wearing this t-shirt in public without much drawing much attention towards yourself. Just kidding, does that actually happen? I don’t wear my S/mileage t-shirt in public or even at home, so please fill me in if these t-shirts do draw any attention.

I would actually love to purchase one of these t-shirts sooner or later, the problem is that I have no clue which member to get. I don’t really have much a #1 member in Morning Musume, I pretty much like them all evenly, so picking which member goods I would want is a challenge. I might have to say I’m more towards the Ikuta t-shirt though.


Now in the second goods introduction video, Eripon and Daishi show off Mizuki’s micro-fiber towel, along with the promotion B2 size poster. I’m really loving the gold theme of this concert, and it reminds me of Morning Musume’s 2010 spring concert tour Genki Pika Pika. Expect I find the girls look more like little golden and black bees. Even with that though, they all look marvelous and stunning. I’m really interested in the poster. I think it would be really cool to have in my personal collection, since I already the B2 promotion poster from Morning Musume’s 2011 Spring concert tour, I think it would interesting to compare how Morning Musume was then compared to now, and seeing the Kyuuki’s growth in only 3 years. Plus it looks really great, hopefully I might be able to get it for my collection (goodbye moneys).


They also show the new pin-up posters for their tour. I think pin-up posters and collection photos are one of the most funnest things in concert goods. It’s always so exciting to try and open them to see who you get, hoping for you’re favorite members. The ones that Eripon and Daishi get in this video are an absolutely stunning Sakura and Ayumi herself. This is another thing that I’m really interested in. There some more really interesting things in these concert goods such as a sweater, a flag, a pen light, and some other really cool things.

Here are the Ikuta and Ishida introduction videos:

These videos are really fun to watch, please check them out if you have some time on your hands. Eripon and Ayumin are an interesting duo, they’re quite funny and so dorky in a super adorable way.

Here are the goods flyers:

MOsptour01MOsptour02The goods aren’t on e-line up yet, but hopefully they’ll be up later tonight or even tomorrow since that’s when the concert will take it’s start. It also looks like that Hello Pro Kenshuusei members Kurumi, Minami, Sakurako, Manaka, Kisora and Ruru are also featured in this concert as well. I’m excited to see more of this concert from press/news videos, and I’m wondering if there will be more goods added later on during the tour. I bet there will bet though, since it usually happens during previous concert tours.


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