New Satoyama Movement Units

hello-satoyama-logo-2938It has been announced today on Hello! Project’s tv show “The Girls Live” the formation of a few new Satoyama movement units, along with their new singles which will be released on April 23rd. Since they’re pretty interesting member formations, I just want to take some time to somewhat discuss a few of my thoughts about them.

Sato no Akari

satonoakariMembers: Sato Masaki, Katsuta Rina, and Uemura Akari.

Thoughts: Well, I’m quite surprised to see another Satoyama unit that consists with Masaki. Since this unit makes it her 3rd Satoyama unit, she already was in Harvest and Jurin. But nevertheless, I think she’ll do pretty well. Besides the whole Masaki deal, I would have to think that this group may get a ballad type song or a type of song that Peaberry, GREEN FIELDS, or even Jurin would usually get, considering these three vocals. Excluding Masaki, Rina and Akari have a somewhat calm and soft vocals. Masaki did sound pretty well with Hotaru Matsuri no Hi though, so maybe she would match her vocals with the other girls. I’m really glad to see Rina and Akari in this group since they haven’t yet been in any sub-group or any units, I’m excited to see how this group and their single will turn out.

Song Title: Aa, Subarashiki Hibi yo


tripletMembers: Okai Chisato, Kudo Haruka, and Tagaki Sayuki

Thoughts: With this group I’m kind of only excited to see Sayuki, I don’t mind seeing Chisato and Haruka as well though. For Triplet, I would think that maybe we would get Eiya! Brother type of song, or maybe even a Kaigan Seisou Danshi type of song. I think it’s a bit hard to tell which type of song this group would get, since they all have different and unique vocals, and I don’t think I ever heard these three sing together. I would have to say I’m extremely curious about this group and their new song.

Song Title: Dream Last Train


Members: Oda Sakura and Kanazawa Tomoko

Thoughts: I might have to say that this group would probably be the more popular unit out of the three of them. Tomoko is pretty popular with the fans, and a lot of people really love both of the girls’ vocals. They’re probably going be the Dia Lady of these units. And if they’re going to be the “Dia Lady” of these units, I really hope that they get a really great song since I was not a fan at all of Lady Mermaid. These two girls have excellent vocals, and I’m curious to see how they sound together.

Song Title: Kodachi wo Nukeru Kaze no Yo ni

I guess overall I’m pretty excited to see the Juice=Juice girls get to be put in some Satoyama units since Yuka and Karin already their turns with these type of units. I’m also pretty happy with seeing Rina in a new unit, she’s pretty underrated, so I hope being in her new unit will give her some spotlight and show great of an idol she is. I’m really curious to see how all of these units will do with their songs, I guess we’ll see how they do when I do MV reviews of their singles.

It’s release date is April 23rd!


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