Girls’ Generation 2014 Comeback “Mr.Mr.” (MV)

SNSD-Yoona-Mr-Mr-teaserOh, what’s this? A Girls’ Generation topic on Chia’s blog? Yes, that’s right! I don’t have much to do on this boring day so I’m just gonna slip in Girl’s Generation on this usual Hello! Project fan blog of mine since I think it’s a pretty good comeback and I think I need to at least share some of my thoughts about it. Another thing before we start, I would just like to point out that my web address involves the word “runchiarun” in it, which is pretty much a play on words with Girls’ Generation’s “Run Devil Run” so if you haven’t really guessed it, I’m pretty moderate fan of Girls’ Generation. This may be the only k-pop review I may do though (we’ll see how this goes before I consider doing any more, but I would to keep this blog a H!P fan blog only though. *sigh* decisions, decisions).

After 14 months of not producing any new comebacks, and only singing I Got A Boy on various lives, the girls of Girls’ Generation finally come back to the K-pop scene with their newest song titled “Mr.Mr.” Like I said before, I’m just gonna take the time now to somewhat to share some of thoughts about this new Girls’ Generation song.


The Song: The song itself has a bit of electro pop feel to it, a type of song that somewhat reminds me of f(x)’s Electric Shock, but of course with the great vocals and vibe that only Girls’ Generation brings. I must say that this the best comeback for Girls’ Generation in quite a few years, and one comeback that I loved straight from the gecko. It’s a pretty great song with a type of beat that I enjoy the most, so it’s no surprise for me that I love it as much as I do. It’s just one solid song with no random raps, different tempos, or anything random that just throws the song off. It’s good, classy and it’s catchy.

The girl’s of course sound amazing in this song. My top girl’s, Taeyeon, Jessica, Yuri, Yoona, and Sunny, definitely sound really great with the lines they were given for this song. And I must say that Sunny’s lines are probably my most favorite thing about this song, I don’t know why but I think her voice is like one of the best things in this song, her vocals and this song blend amazingly well together.

I don’t really find Jessica much of a main vocalist for this song, since I find it’s mostly just Taeyeon and Tiffany. I think it’s a bit of shame not to hear much of the ice princess’ voice in this song, but we did get some Sunny lines. If I really think about it, I guess it’s a pretty alright trade. Sunny sounds amazing, so I wouldn’t want her to lose any of her lines to Jessica, since she usually gets the most lines in the SNSD songs. If I’m to complain about this song though, I would have to say that there’s too much Tiffany in it. I’m not at all a huge fan of Tiffany (which I find really odd since she shares the same birthday as my favorite idol, Wada Ayaka), so hearing a bunch of Tiffany in any Girls’ Generation song just isn’t my cup of tea.


The MV: To be honest with you, I don’t find the MV for this comeback as great as the song. There’s filters everywhere and I think there’s too many shots of the girl’s body parts and random medical equipment. How am I supposed to appreciate the beauty of Girls’ Generation when I only get short little scenes of them?  Also, how am I supposed to know whose singing when it shows a girl with the wrong vocals? But maybe this somewhat plotted MV is from the guys point of view. Since they’re sticking a bunch needles in him and randomly operating on him, maybe this is how he sees the world and the girls, he may be hallucinating. If I put it that way, I guess the MV makes a bit more sense then, but I’m still not huge fan of it though.


The Dance: I find the dance classy and sexy, but way different from the usual sexy dances K-pop girl groups usually get for their songs (even if the song isn’t sexy, they still get a sexy dance, those poor girls). I definitely love the part of dance where it looks like their fixing their suit cuffs. I think the dance for this song is really good. There’s definitely some really great parts of the dance where I really admire, and I don’t think there’s anything about this dance that I dislike or can complain about. It’s all around a really great dance.

SNSD-Taeyeon-Mr-Mr-teaserGirls’ Generation was definitely paired with a really amazing song and great comeback that matches well with their group vibe. When I think of Girls’ Generation, I think of really great vocals, really beautiful women, amazing dances, and great group chemistry. With this new comeback of theirs, it’s really one of the best songs yet, and when you think Girls’ Generation can’t get any more better or beautiful, you’re proved wrong.

I would totally give this newest comeback a 9 / 10.


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