C-ute’s 24th Single “Kokoro no Sakebi wo Uta ni Shite Mita / Love take it all” (MV’s)

Since I’ve finally got some time on my hands now, I’ll like to the time to somewhat talk about C-ute’s newest double-a side single “Kokoro no Sakebi wo Uta ni Shite Mita / Love take it all”

Kokoro no Sakebi wo Uta ni Shite Mita

The Song: From when I first heard the radio rip of Kokoro no Sakebi wo Uta ni Shite Mita until now, I think it’s a really cute and adorable song. For the first time in a few years, C-ute actually has a song that’s actually really cute and matches their name. C-ute has been putting out sexy songs lately and I think it’s quite nice to see a single as cute as this one put out once in a while. This song reminds me of the kind of cuteness that Campus Life has, and I think it’s really great. I absolutely love this song, and there’s nothing for me to complain about. I think the lyrics flows beautifully together with the instrumental. I can totally see this song becoming one of my most favorite C-ute singles, along with a song I’ll enjoy listening to while taking my walks (hopefully that’s soon, because I am so sick of snow).


The MV: I find the MV just as cute as the song, and they go together like PB & J. I think the MV has bit of a casual vibe to it along with a touch of vintage, and I think it really works out for their advantage since it makes the MV effortlessly great and so cute. I like seeing the girls walking about in the city, and I really like these types of MV’s that are on location, I think it’s something that is really refreshing to see. Japan is a busy and full of people country, so I do find it a bit odd to see nobody else out and about in this MV. Also it would have probably been December or January when this MV was filmed so I do feel a bit bad for girls since it would probably been cold out and they’re wearing shorts and skirts, I just hope they didn’t get any colds or anything from filming. So, putting aside my concerns for the girls and a ghost town somewhere in Japan, I really adore this MV, like I said before it really matches the cuteness that the song holds.


The Dance: I like this dance quite a bit, I find it’s kind of a different type of dance compared to other H!P dances. It looks a bit easy since there’s quite a bit of posing like mannequins, but it looks like there’s quite a bit of hand movements that look a little difficult to learn. Somebody mentioned on a forum that they’re hand movements remind them of the J-pop trio, Perfume, and I do kinda agree with that person since Perfume tends to a lot of hand movement dances (Perfume’s dances are always so cool and creative, and I admire them quite a bit).

So with this song, I really adore it. I always tend to really love C-ute’s singles and with this one there’s no disappointment. I would totally give this song a 9 / 10.

Love take it all

The Song: With Love take it all, I think everybody sounds amazing good. Usually Nakky’s and Mai’s vocals tend to throw me off a little during a few C-ute songs, but with this song they both sound really great along with the other three girls so for me this song is really appealing to the ears. Crazy Kanzenna Otona is one my most favorite C-ute singles and Love take it all definitely gives me that type of vibe, and I am absolutely loving it. I think sexy is C-ute’s middle name, they always do an amazing job when given these types of songs, and I think it really works out really well for them.


The MV: Along with the song, the MV also gives me that Crazy Kanzenna Otona vibe since it involves bright lights, sexy dancing and a black background but with no pole this time. I definitely love the close-ups of the girls in this MV, I don’t know how they did it, but they all look effortlessly flawless in this video. I’m a bit surprised to see how much older Mai looks even though she only just turned 18, sometimes it’s a bit hard to believe that she’s younger than me, since she looks much older (and more mature) than me. This MV is just really cool to watch, but I must say that all the different coloured lights and faded scenes are little off putting to me, but besides that I like this MV quite a bit.


The Dance: Usually I really love C-ute’s dances since they’re always so unique and difficult looking. I like this dance quite a bit, but I find that the girls movements are a bit off and not really in sync with each other. Which is a bummer for me to see since C-ute always has the best dances that are always in sync. It’s still a really great dance though and my favorite part of the dance would probably be along the lyrics of “Tsugi no tobira hirakeba”

Love take it all is pretty good song, and I enjoy listening to it so far. I would probably give this song the same mark as Kokoro no Sakebi wo Uta ni Shite Mita which is a 9 / 10.


I really love both of these songs, and I’m so glad that this is the single that I decided to buy which makes this my first C-ute purchase. They are both pretty awesome songs, and I honestly think that these songs still beat and are way better than Morning Musume’s recent single.

It’s release date is March 5th.
Be sure to order your copies of the song if you really like it to help support C-ute with their newest single.


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