Morning Musume ’14’s 55th Single “Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa / Kimi no Kawari wa Iyashinai / What is LOVE?” (MV’s)

EgaonokimiREAThe final and full MV for Morning Musume ’14’s triple-a side single has finally been uploaded on their official youtube channel today. I’m going to take the time to somewhat share my thoughts about the songs so far. I kinda want to do it now since there’s going to be an announcement on Wednesday, and it may be worthy to talk about. So I’m just going to get this topic out of the way.

Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa

Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa was definitely a song I had to listen to a whole bunch of times to really like it. When I first heard this song I really loved the instrumental but I didn’t really like the singing parts or much of the chorus, but since it was the newest Morning Musume ’14 song I ended up listening to it on repeat quite a bit so I got use to it and now I really love it. It’s such a happy and uplifting song, it’s hard for me not to love it now. Plus it sounds a little bit like “We are the Champions” by Queen near the beginning of the song. Since I really love Queen, I was quite surprised and somewhat impressed by it (ahaha).

egao1The MV for this song is absolutely the best thing out there! The effects for this MV are so amazing and quite breath taking, I really love and enjoy watching this MV.  All of the scenes are so beautiful. Plus with all the girls smiling so naturally and looking so cute, I can’t really help but smile at their adorableness.

egao2The scenes I liked the best in the MV are mostly Sayumi and Kanon shots. I just think Kanon looks so smiley, cute and happy like back in the Maji Desu ka Ska days, she’s seriously too cute for words in this MV. Another cutie I couldn’t take my eyes off was Sayumi. When she picks up Ayumi to when she smiles just before the chorus is sung again are my favorite moments of the entire MV. Kyaaa~ Michishige Sayumi, the godness of cuteness and everything good, please stay in Morning Musume forever~!!

*cough cough* Anyway, I like this song quite a bit so I think I would have to give it a 8.5 / 10.

Kimi no Kawari wa Iyashinai

Since this song was just released not so long ago I haven’t had much time to really think about it. I guess I can say that I do like it. There isn’t anything that I don’t like about it, but I guess I don’t find this song having much of a “wow” factor. Yes, the instrumental and lyrics are quite good and I love the catchy “Nippon” parts. And some of Riho’s and Sakura’s solo lines sound like lyrics from an amine opening/ending song, which I think that’s a really good thing.

kimi1The theory and irony parts are a bit odd but I think their sung in such an amusing and cute way that I just can’t help but love those parts (de-o-riii~ ai-ra-niiii~). This song is pretty darn catchy!

kimi2If you ask me, I kinda like the set they used for this MV, along with the little red ribbon green screen thing they used. It’s simple, but it makes the girls pop out more with their dark blue outfits, which I think it’s good. Also, I really like the dance for this song. The Riho and Ayumi duo at the beginning and end are just really great (I really love seeing those two as front girls or just together in general). The dance break is also really amazing, generally this dance is probably my favorite out of the three songs.

Even though I haven’t really listened to this much, as of right now I would have to give it a 8.6 / 10.

What is LOVE?

What is LOVE was definitely a song I really did not like when I listened to it for the first few times. I didn’t really find appealing and I didn’t really like for the whole song flowed together, it was a song I just didn’t like. But then I put it on repeat and then it became a song that I do like now. Isn’t putting a disliked song on repeat then starting to like it just magical? (ahaha!)

what1The whole getting angry, getting hungry, crying, laughing, getting turned on, getting turned off makes me laugh cause it reminds me a bit of myself. Plus with the “What do you what?” “Is it necessary?” lyrics, this song just speaks to me in certain a way (which I’m not even gonna bother explaining since it probably won’t make any sense, but I can somewhat relate to this song).

what2The whole MV is just footage from their Budokan concert during the fall of last year, just with the recorded audio instead of the live singing. Quite a few fans don’t really like the MV, but I’m one of those opposing fans who usually like what the others don’t, so I don’t mind this MV at all. It’s just like a concert but it’s obviously not, but I do like seeing the huge crowd of light wands.

Since I do like the song quite a bit now, I would probably give it a 8.7/ 10.

EgaonokimiLECGenerally, I just really like this whole triple-a side single. I really like all of the songs quite a bit and I’m quite glad I ordered my copies long ago. I really hope this single does really well. Hope for the best people!

The release date is January 29th.
If you like this single, be sure to order your copies to help support Morning Musume ’14.


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