S/mileage ranks #3 on the Oricon Charts!

tumblr_mycx30R1Bj1r2vl6qo1_500That’s right folks! My precious S/mileage received a ranking of #3 on the Oricon charts for their newest double-a side single “Ee ka!? / Ii yatsu” selling 33,320 copies.  This is S/mileage’s highest ranking yet on the Oricon charts, so I’m really happy and proud of them. I was a bit worried about this single since their daily ranks weren’t so good but I’m glad everything turned out well and they received a ranking of #3.

I think this is extremely good for S/mileage, this single is now their second highest selling single in it’s first week and their first #3. Congratulations S/mileage~!



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