S/mileage’s 15th Single “Ee ka!? / Ii Yatsu” (MV’s)

EekaiiyatsuLEAThe MV’s for S/mileage’s second double-a single and their 15th single has been uploaded on their official youtube channel today. I’m going to do my usual thing and just somewhat talk about some of my thoughts about these singles. Here’s a fun little fact for you guys, this single is the last single of 2013! Singles released after this one will most likely be for the new year, I’m actually a bit excited for the new years’ singles. Anywho, here are some of my little thoughts.

Ee ka!?

First things first, I find that some parts of the song has a bit of a 90’s vibe to it such as the beginning, and Tsunku’s ee ka’s, but the rest of the song gives me a K-pop vibe. I get a bit of a Girl’s Generation “I Got a Boy” vibe from Ee ka since both songs have many different tones to it and sounds like a bunch of songs mixed up together to make just this one song. There’s nothing wrong with that though, I think it makes the songs more interesting and different from others. I really like Ee ka, I think the little raps and ee ka’s are really cute and fun. Everybody sounds really great and they sound like they’re having lots of fun singing this song, which is just really great to see!

smikeaI think the MV is really cool, the backgrounds are quite simple but S/mileage’s outfits really make them pop out and they all just look so great. There’s some really great shots of everybody and this MV is just really fun to watch. I really enjoy and like watching the MV, I think it’s wonderful.

pantyI must say that their outfits show a lot of skin though. Their belly’s are showing, it’s not so shocking though since most Hello! Project outfits show a lot of belly. There’s a lots of legs, which isn’t so bad either since S/mileage likes to be known for the exposure of their legs. Their backs are showing, this was probably the most surprising for me since you don’t really see much back exposure from the Hello! Project outfits which the girls have to wear. Their skirts are really short in the back though and there is quite a few panty shots within the MV. Their outfits look like a very mature and sexy Yattaruchan.

not yattaruchanyattaruchanIt seems like S/mileage always has the most revealing outfits near winter time when it’s the coldest, c’mon S/mileage, it’s freezing out and you’re bellies are exposed and you’re wearing the shortest skirts! I thought the Samui ne outfits were bad for the winter time but it seems Ee ka beats the record. Anywhoo! I really like this song so I give a 8 / 10.

Ii Yatsu

When I first heard the beginning of this song I thought I wouldn’t like it as much as I like Ee ka, but after listening to the whole song it seems that I like Ii yatsu more than Ee ka. This song itself and the lyrics are more serious compared to Ee ka, in Ii yatsu their talking about a really great guy whose wants a serious relationship but the girl isn’t ready for that yet. No only do I like the lyrics (it’s not that I could somewhat relate to it or anything, psh), but I do really love how the girls sing these words. Their vocals in this song just sound so marvelous and they hit all the notes, this song is just perfectly sung.

iiyatsuI think the MV is put together really well. I like the set for the dance and I think it has a very nice color scheme, and I really like the set up of the little room with the table for the stunning and princess-like close ups. I think the dance is quite good and I also like how nice their dresses look.

dawa1Can I just point out how beautiful my #1 idol looks? I mean, look, she’s absolutely gorgeous! Not only does she look gorgeous but so do the rest of the members too. This song is the S/mileage song of the year where they all look and sound so beautiful. I give this song a 8.5 / 10.

EekaiiyatsuLEBI really love this new double-a side single from S/mileage, I seriously think it’s their best single this year. Both songs are really great, and I adore and enjoy both of them. After finally getting to listening to them during these two weeks made me really glad that I pre-ordered my copies pretty much a month early from it’s release date. This is a really good single, make sure you check it out!

It’s release date is December 18th.
Be sure to order your copies to help support S/mileage with their newest single.

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