Album Review: Morning Musume’s 13th Album “13 Colorful Character”

Mm13cclimi1A few months back I did a concert review for S/mileage’s 2012 Aki Concert Tour, so now I would like to do an album review. The only album I have in my collection so far is Morning Musume’s 13 Colorful Character, so it is now my first victim for this album review.  Let’s get to it!

mm1231) One Two Three – The album starts off with one of the best Morning Musume singles there is, “One Two Three”. I already really love this song quite a lot so I don’t want to say too much about it, plus I’ve blogged about a few times before, but I will say that this song is so wonderful to listen to. It has a good beat, catchy lyrics, some autotune, and lots of woah’s. I personally think that this song is one of Morning Musume’s best, and if we’re talking about it as a single and it’s sales, this song has really helped boosted and was the turning point of the sales for Morning Musume since they were doing a bit poorly before this awesome song was released.

2) What’s Up? Ai wa Dou na no yo~ – The second song on the album is another great one. What’s Up? Ai wa Dou na no yo pumps me up on any given day. This song is a bit all over the place with a fast pace, different tones of vocals and some little raps here and there, but I think that those qualities are what makes this song a really great song to listen to. This is a song where I liked the first time I heard it and I would have to say that I would always like this song. This song is just generally a good song, I don’t see anything wrong with it.

3) BE ALIVE – When I first heard BE ALIVE more than a year ago I did not like it all and I couldn’t even listen to the whole thing, but one day this song was stuck in my head for some reason so I just had to listen to it and since then I’ve liked it. I think it’s a splendid ballad with a nice piano melody, all of the girls’ vocals sound quite nice even though most of the lines are shared lines, they still sound great. Of course Riho and Reina are the only ones with solo lines, but even so I still think song sounds nice.

lalala4) Lalala no Pipipi – Lalala no Pipipi is Sayumi’s solo song on the album and I must say that this Sayumi solo album song is quite better compared to “It’s you” on Morning Musume’s Platinum 9 DISC album. This song is more on the autotune side of things but it’s still a fun and cute song to listen to. I like Sayumi’s singing and I don’t mind the recent autotune that they’re using lately so this song is a win for me. I also think that this song fits Sayumi’s voice and personality quite well since she’s a total cutie pie and this song is just as adorable as she is, this song is just a perfect match for her.

5) Dokka~n Capriccio – I’ve said that What’s Up? Ai wa Dou na no yo pumps me up but Dokka~n Capriccio really pumps me! This song is serisouly the song of the whole entire album, it’s a super fun song and it just makes you wanna dance and sing along with it. What I really love about this song are the hey’s, ho’s and yay’s, along with the lyric parts of sekushi (sexy) and dokkan. I really like it when they sing this song at concerts since this song really pumps up the crowd and it’s really fun to watch when the crowd is really pumped up. It’s an exciting song!

1236) The Mantenrou Show – The Mantenrou Show is a pretty alright song, I was never a super fan of this song but I still think it’s a pretty good song. It has a nice retro sounding rhythm to it and the lyrics just flowing along with it. Along with BE ALIVE this song has the typical Reina and Riho dominance, which I’m one of those fans who don’t mind that duo always singing so always hearing their vocals doesn’t necessarily bother me. I like this song but I don’t really think it’s the best song on the album.

7) Zero Kara Hajimaru Seishun – I think Zero Kara Hajimaru Seishun is a very nice and cute song to listen to. It’s one of those songs like Tomo and Happy Daisakusen where it’s a calm song where everybody gets to sing and shine with their lovely and very different vocals. I really like this song, I think it’s really great to hear everybody’s voices. This song is just so cute.

cd99F8) Renai Hunter – After a nice calm song, an awesome song such as Renai Hunter is what plays next. Renai Hunter is one of my most favorite Morning Musume singles they put out so far (I have a lot of favorite songs). My first impression of this song when I first heard it way more than a year ago was that it was absolutely flawless, and I still think today that it’s a flawless song. The beat, the lyrics, the look, and the MV are just so beautiful and so well put together. I just really love this song, and I think it’s one of the best songs on the album.

9) Chikyuu ga Naite Iru – Chikyuu ga Naite Iru reminds me of a background song from a Sonic game or something, this song has that slight intense, powerful and adventurous beat to it that a Sonic game would also have. Also, almost and around the 4 minute mark this song has a beat that sounds kinda like the beginning of What’s Up? Ai wa Dou na no yo. This song is an interesting song to listen to, it definitely has a different sound to it compared to the other songs on the album and I think that’s what makes this song stand out a bit more. It doesn’t stand out in a bad way, but I also don’t think it stands out in much of good way either, it just stands out from the crowd.

mo-KJ0710) Namida Hitoshizuku – Namida Hitoshizuku is Reina’s solo song on the album and I really love this song. When I was younger I would listen to a few Paku Romi songs and I just really loved how they sounded, and with Namida Hitoshizuku it gives the same feelings I would get from listening to Paku Romi. Reina’s voice isn’t as powerful but her voice just sounds so wonderful and beautiful in this song. I really enjoy listening to this song.

11) Waratte! YOU – Waratte! YOU is a groovy sounding song and is also the 9ki’s and 10ki’s generation song. It’s a pretty nice song with lots of different tones to it. What I really like about this song would how great the girl’s sound and all the clapping parts. You can hear how great each girl sounds and it’s really fun to watch how the girls dance to the clapping parts during the concerts and lives.

f303a4c4_64012) Pyoko Pyoko Ultra – For this album, they definitely saved the best song for last. Yes, I’m one of those uncommon fans who absolutely love and adore Pyoko Pyoko Ultra! The song has a super fun melody to it and the lyrics are just as fun to sing along with. I just really really love this song, and I love the chicken outfits almost as much as I love the song. I can’t understand why not much people love this song or the costumes, I think they’re both utterly adorable! By just listening to Pyoko Pyoko Ultra I can be instantly happy and cheered up. This song is just so cute and adorable!

Morning-Musume-0211-610x350This album is definitely a really good Morning Musume album. It’s mostly jammed pack with some of my most favorite Morning Musume songs and singles, and this album has to be one of my favorite Morning Musume albums. This album has great and very eye-catching cover art and outfits, and has some really great songs on it. If I had to rank this album I would give it a 8.9 / 10.

I think it’s a great album and I recommend it to anybody whose interested in listening to it.


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