Berryz Koubou’s 33rd Single “Motto Zutto Issho ni Itakatta / ROCK Erotic” (MV’s)

MottozuttoregThe new MV’s for Berryz Koubou’s newest double-A single has been upload on their official youtube channel the other day, so today I will be doing a little review of both songs.

Motto Zutto Issho ni Itakatta

This song is a bit more relaxed and more mature than the usual Berryz Koubou songs, but I think it’s kind of better that Berryz Koubou gets more mature songs since the girls are getting a bit older and more mature as well. There isn’t much of a theme to the outfits since the girls are just wearing some general/everyday clothes which is kind of cool though, I’m not a huge fan of Miyabi’s dress or Risako’s hat but the rest of the outfits are pretty great though. As for the MV, I like it. The girls look really good and the sets are pretty cool with cloud background, the mini pool of water, the flower petals, and the rain wall thing. It really goes well with the song.

I also really like how all the girls sound in this song because their vocals sound really well, there isn’t one part of the song that I don’t like vocally and in general there isn’t anything that I don’t like about this song. It’s a pretty great song with great vocals. As of now I would probably give this song a 8.6 / 10. It’s a great song and I really like it.

ROCK Erotic

I didn’t know what do really expect from this song when it was announced, but when I finally did got to watch the MV I was a bit surprised and amazed on how sexy it is. Sexy is definitely the word to describe the song and MV. Yurina, Maasa and Chinami look so great as guys and they do it so well and flawlessly, OMG! Risako, Miyabi, Saki, and Momoko look so great also! The outfits and set have dark and sexy theme to it, the MV is absolutely memorizing. Guys, it’s so hard talking about and describing this MV without becoming a total fangirl about it. It’s like a dark, sexy, anime opening/ending type of thing! It’s so awesome!

There’s something I kind of wonder about though.. Do you think it was odd or of even awkward for the girls to be dancing so close together, with the sexy shadows, the pretend bum hitting and the pretend touching? In the MV the girls are displaying slight sexual tension between each other! It’s sexy and hot for the viewers and fans to watch but I wonder if the girls feel a bit weird about it. Do you know what I mean? Anyway, from what I read around the internet, people are really loving Maasa and they think she’s the best thing in the MV, but I would personally have to say Yurina is the best guy (girl) in the whole MV. Damn, Yurina is just so fine!

I really love this song and as of right now I would totally give it 9.2 / 10. It’s a really good song with an awesome beat and vocals, the sexy appeal of the MV is absolutely wonderful!

1309052000_event_berryz_02Both of these songs are really great and I really like them both! I’m quite surprised on how great Berryz Koubou’s singles were all year, with each single getting better, sexier, and just more wonderful as the year goes by.  I’m loving this single so much that I think I might just have to order a copy or so for myself.

The release date is October 2nd!
If you like the single, be sure to buy your copy/copies to help support Berryz Koubou!


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