Nobody Passes Morning Musume’s 12th Generation “Mirai Shoujo” Audition!

BQMGp8oCIAEz82m.jpg largeThat’s right folks! There is no winner for Morning Musume’s Mirai Shoujo audition.

Here’s a video from Tsunku:

From what I’m reading from various places. Tsunku has stated that there is no winner, the final seven girls were very strong but he feels like it’s not the right time to add more members to Morning Musume right now. He also said that that he wants to focus more on Juice=Juice’s debut, and lastly he hinted that some (not sure if it’s the finalists or just other girls who audition) may join Morning Musume in the next audition, join Hello! Pro Kenshuusei, or even end up in some new units/groups.

I think it’s fully understandable and I do agree with him, Morning Musume seem fine as they are right now. It’s a shame for all the girls who audition though and made it to the finals but not able to join Morning Musume in the end. Of course I was really interested in seeing the finalists and quite excited for this audition, but I guess I kind of seen this coming because I don’t really feel disappointed or anything. But with that though, I do hope for more cute Kenshuusei’s and a new group/units.


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