Juice=Juice’s Major Debut Single “Romance no Tochuu” (MV)

tumblr_mr7xrtgGG81s6mgfho1_500I may be out of town for a bit but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to talk about the MV for Juice=Juice’s major debut single “Romance no Tochuu”. So, from the desk in my hotel room, I will be doing a somewhat review of Juice=Juice’s major debut single!

Romance no Tochuu

When I first heard the concert rips for this song I didn’t really like it, it was alright but I thought it wasn’t really the best Juice=Juice song there is (even though there isn’t much so far). But after watching the MV and listening to a clearer version of the single I’ve come to really like it. This song is definitely my most favourite Juice=Juice song after Watashi ga Iu Mae ni Dakishimetenakya ne.

In the song Yuka and Akari didn’t have much lines but they looked great in very scene they were in. I was a bit surprised that Tomoko got quite a few lines since she just joined Hello! Project in December of 2012, but she’s getting popular and she has a quite unique voice so maybe it isn’t so surprising that she’s getting the lines. Even though Sayuki looked great and sounded great, I kinda found that she didn’t really stand out much, expect the part when she’s holding the jewel (really stunning moment right there). I really like Sayuki but I think the other members slightly outshine her during the MV.

And I really like the MV! It’s elegant with their black and pattern outfits along with their white dresses, and it’s also a bit funky with the colourful outfits (that look like a K-pop artist would wear in their videos) and the colourful and Gatsby looking backgrounds. The ghost of Otsuka Aina isn’t in the official version of the MV that was uploaded on their offical youtube channel but if you want to see a glimpse of her, she should be in the MV in the recent episode of Hello Station (it’s kinda cool and bit weird but it’s totally worth checking out).

I also think I figured out who my most favourite member of Juice=Juice is! It’s Karin!

I know it may have seemed like that I didn’t really Karin in previous posts or whatever but I recently realized how cute she is, how well she sings, how well she dances and how well she does everything else. Even though Akari is the youngest member of Juice=Juice, I consider Karin as the baby, and baby Karin is super cute and adorable!

Generally, I’m really loving this song and I’m really glad that I pre-ordered my copies of the single a few weeks ago. This song is funky with a bit of elegance, it flows together really nicely and it’s quite catchy. I would totally give this song a 8.9 / 10.

Juice=Juice’s major debut single is released on September 11.
If you like this song, please be sure to order your copies to help and support Juice=Juice on their major debut single!

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