SATOUMI Movement (MV’s)

E0OV5V3It’s a lazy Sunday and I’ve decided to spent my off day by blogging. Today I’ll be talking about Hello! Project’s SATOUMI Movement’s MVs. I’ve been planning to make a blog post about the newest MV’s lately but I haven’t really had much of a chance to do so until now, so please enjoy my somewhat review the MV’s and songs.

Dia Lady – Lady Mermaid

The one thing that I definitely love most about this MV would be the retro 1960 diner theme. I’m still a bit unsure if I like the song or not yet but I absolutely love the theme. When I first heard the song I didn’t like it at all, and I thought it was the worse. I’m more use to the song now but I still don’t really know what to think about it. I really love how the girls sound because they sound absolutely great but I don’t know, there’s like something there that I don’t really like but I don’t know what it is (it bothers me).

I really love both girls, I love hearing their vocals alone and I really enjoy hearing their vocals together, they both sing wonderfully. As of now I think I would probably rank this song as a 6.2 / 10. I’m still not really sure about this song but maybe I’ll like it more as the time goes by but who knows.

Mellow Quad – Eiya-sa! Brother

I also really love the theme of this MV too! A Japanese Natsu Matsuri is always super cool looking and I love when they use their own culture as a theme for their music videos (this goes for any Japanese artist not just H!P). I liked this song right away from when I heard a 30 second or so preview, it’s really a catchy song and it got my attention right away (don’t you just love those kinds of songs). And the girls sound really great too, I really loved how Chinami sounded in the song though and for me she really stood out the most during the MV. She’s cute, she’s funny and she’s really fun to watch.

The translated lyrics that are in the video are a bit odd and kinda weird but I still like the song. Odd translated lyrics aren’t gonna stop me from liking a song and in this song it’s not even that bad so it’s all good. Right now I would totally give this song a 7.3 / 10.

HI-FIN – Kaigan Seisou Danshi

Another 1960 (?) themed MV and another theme I love and adore. I definitely love and totally adore this style and theme, and I really love all of the scenes and editing of the MV. Not only does all the scenes look really great and cool but all of the girls look totally great and really stunning. I’ve being liking Mai a lot lately and for me she was the one who stood out the most and looked the greatest in each scene she was in and made me love her even more.

All of the girls have unique vocals and I wasn’t sure how would they sound together but I guess I shouldn’t have worried about it too much but I was blown away and amazed on how great and wonderful their vocals and harmonies sounded together. This song is definitely amazing and right now I would totally give it a 7.6 / 10.

Generally speaking I just love all the unique themes each MV had put out and all three songs aren’t bad at all. I’m sorry if I sounded like I was repeating myself a bit but, holy snap, I adored each theme of each MV. The SATOUMI movement has definitely put out some really great songs and with great MV’s. It wouldn’t be a waste of time to watch the MV’s if you haven’t checked them out yet, I really liked how most of the songs sounded and I enjoyed watching every MV.

It’s release date was August 7th!
But it’s still not too late to support your idols by buying your copies (*^^*)!


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