C-ute’s 22nd Single “Kanashiki Amefuri / Adam to Eve no Dilemma” (MV’s)

54VVea9Since C-ute’s newest MV’s for their first double-A and 22nd single “Kanashiki Amefuri / Adam to Eve no Dilemma” has been uploaded on their official youtube channel a couple of days ago, I’m just going to share some of my thoughts on a few things about the newest songs (plus I need a break from playing Animal Crossing New Leaf).

Kanashiki Amefuri

When I first this heard and seen this song, I wasn’t much of a huge fan of it. I thought it was an alright song with a bit of a repetitive dance. But after finally seeing the MV, I’ve come to like this song and it’s dance a bit more. The MV is amazingly done really well, the editing is good, there’s plenty of outfit changes, and there’s many variety of different scenes. It reminds me more of fashion video than a music video though, but even with that, it’s still a really good music video and it impressed me quite a bit.

I love this song way more than I did before. It’s a such a sad song and I didn’t even realize this until after watching the MV while there was a few tears in my eyes. How didn’t I see this song being a sad even though it has the word sad (kanashiki) in it? Plus with the word rainfall (amefuri), this song isn’t about no puppy dogs and rainbows. It’s a depressing title with a super sad song.

The girls looked and sounded really great too. I’m a bit surprised on how much I really like Maimi’s voice in this song though, since I’m not the biggest fan of her voice, I think she sounds really good and it impressed me quite a bit too. Speaking of sounding good, Airi’s and Mai’s vocals blend really well together and their shared lines and one of my favourite things during the song.

Adam to Eve no Dilemma

The MV for this song is also very well made, and I really like how that there’s quite a few apples around in the scenes of the video to match along with Adam and Eve title. I’m not sure on how to describe this MV.. It reminds me of something familiar but I just can’t remember what it reminds me of (it’s kinda bugging me).

Anyway, I really like the song, it’s quite catchy and it has a really good rhythm and beat to it. The girls sound really great in this song too and I was quite surprised that Mai got a high note at the end of the song. I wasn’t much of a fan of her high note when I first heard this song but I’m slowly warming up to it with every listen. The little Ou’s and Ah’s were a nice little touch too, I really like them.

KoVkWOBI really like both singles, and I think I might make this single my first ever C-ute single in my little collection (hopefully, if things work out as I plan I should be ordering my copies later this week or maybe early next week). The songs are both really great and I really love listening to them, and not only that but the songs have really great and cool MV’s. The girls look gorgeous, the outfits are pretty, the cover art is quite cool, this single is just really awesome. I love it!

It’s release date is July 10th.
If you also really like this single, be sure to buy your copies to help and support your idols.


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  1. Ah I agree about Maimi’s vocals in Kanashiki Amefuri, I’m not a big fan of her singing voice either (it’s growing on me lately though), but really I enjoyed her lines in this. Lovely single. ^^

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