S/mileage’s 14th single “Atarashi Watashi ni Nare! / Yattaruchan” (MV’s)

yattaruchanAThe MV’s for S/mileage’s newest and first double a-side single “Atarashi Watashi ni Nare! / Yattaruchan” has been just recently uploaded on their official youtube channel. Since I don’t have anything else to do today and I have plenty of free time, I want to review and share a few of my thoughts about S/mileage’s newest single.

Atarashi Watashi ni Nare!

To be honest, I’m not really sure if I like this song or not. I’m very unsure about this one.There’s some parts of the song that I really love but there’s also parts of the song which I don’t like very much at all. This may be a bit odd to say, but I really don’t like the “Atarashi Watashi ni Nare!” parts. Excluding those parts the song is pretty great though, it’s a pretty mature song for S/mileage and the lyrics are pretty cool.

I’m also a bit unsure about the dance too. There’s some parts of the dance that I find really cool and that I really like, but again like the song there’s also some parts that I don’t really like. In some parts of the dance I’m like “Ou, that’s really cool. I like that” but with other parts of the dance I’m just like “What the!?” How can one dance move be really cool in one minute but totally off putting in another?

Besides being unsure either I like this song (and dance) or not, there’s a few things I am certain about in this song. I do really like the MV, it’s very mature, cool and a bit sexy if I do say so myself. The S/mileage girls look absolutely stunning and so gorgeous. Have you seen Ayaka in this MV? HOLY SUGAR! Ayaka looks super amazing and so beautiful in this MV, she’s absolutely gorgeous! (*0*)! Not only that but she sounds really great too! Her “Ahhh” was the absolute best (*u*)/!

I’m not really sure if I like this song or not at the moment, but maybe it’ll grow on me more as the time passes~


With Yattaruchan, it’s a song I loved the first time I heard it. It’s a really energetic, cute, up-lifting and very catchy song. I really love everything about this song! I have no complaints about this song whatsoever!

I really love Kana’s lines and it’s really great to see Kanana being center of a single, which we never got to see until now. Kana really has improved since she first became a member of S/mileage so I’m really happy and glad that she finally got be center, even if it may be only for one single. Who entirely knows though, she may be center of the next single too (I hope so~). I also really love Meimi’s deep notes, especially “Mainichi HAPPY…”, she has such a great, wonderful and very controlled voice (*-*)!

The MV is also really enjoyable too, it’s very bright and shiny, and it’s really entertaining and fun to watch. Every member looks so adorably cute, especially Dawa and her little bow in her ponytail (*u*)/~!

I really like how Ayaka, Rina, and Meimi are the leads of Atarashi Watashi ni Nare while Kana, Akari and Kanon are the leads of Yattaruchan. It’s like if you’re favourite member doesn’t have much lines in one song, she has lines in the other. I also love the fact that one song is really mature, cool, and sexy while the other song is fun, cute, and extremely catchy. I’m quite fond of that idea whoever came up with it.

As of now, I really love Yattaruchan but I’m a bit unsure on how to feel about Atarashi Watashi ni Nare. But my love for Yattaruchan is so huge and it makes me really love this single, and I’m most likely going to pre-order my copies sometime this week or early next week.

It’s release date is July 3rd.
If you like these songs and you really love S/mileage, be sure to order copies to help support your idols!


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