Juice=Juice to have their major debut this summer!

juicejuiceAt Juice=Juice’s recent event for their newest single “Ten Made Nobore!” it has been announced that they will have their major debut this summer with their debut single “Romance no Tochuu” (no release date yet confirmed). It has also been announced that Miyazaki Yuka will be the leader and Kanazawa Tomoko will be the sub-leader.

Here’s a video of announcements:

What surprises me the most is how quickly this group is going to debut. The summer time is approaching fairly quickly and this group only released their first indie single in April! To have their major debut in the summer time is actually quite amazing. The first thought that popped up in my head when I first heard the news was “Well, that was quick.” (Please note that I just woke up, so hopefully the excitement will kick in soon).

I did have a feeling that Juice=Juice will debut soon though, I wasn’t completely sure when but I did have a feeling it would be sooner or later since it’s a really good and interesting group, and that their first indie single did really well on the Oricon charts. Their first indie single got a weekly rank of #25, for a new indie Hello! Project single and group, I would have to say that that’s really good and quite something.

I’m really happy and glad for Juice=Juice. They’re all really wonderful and I’m so glad that they don’t have to do a few more indies since I think their songs are too good to be indie singles, and I really hope for the best for their major debut!

Since their debut single would probably be sung at Hello! Project’s 2013 summer concert, I kinda hope that a new Kenshuusei unit will be announced there too. Since Juice=Juice got announced at the winter concert, they released a few indie singles during the spring then now their debut is in the summer. I hope a new Kenshuusei unit gets announced at the summer concert, releases a few singles during the fall then debuts in the winter. Wouldn’t that be something~ I really can’t wait for what the Hello! Project 2013 Summer concert might bring us~!



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