Tanaka Reina’s Graduation.

tanakareina4My lovely queen Reina will be graduating from Morning Musume and Hello! Project on Tuesday and I am not at all ready for her to go. I know I probably always say that I’m not ready for a H!P member to graduate whenever they do, but it’s going to be weird to not see Reina with Morning Musume and it’s going really weird not hearing her voice in the songs.

I thought I totally had more time to somewhat cope with her graduation and prep myself up for this sad occurrence but time quickly flew by and now she’s graduating on Tuesday (oh god).



Anyway, I think I’ll somewhat talk about Reina today since I don’t know if I’ll time to write this any other time and I would really prefer talking about Reina while she’s still around then graduated.

Let’s see.. When I first began to become a fan of H!P and when I started to actually listen and watch MV’s by Morning Musume, I always liked Reina. She’s a very pretty girl and I thought that sings really great (I still do think she sings really great). Throughout the years Reina never became my #1, but I’ve always liked her. She was always one of my favourites.

Since I became a fan, Reina was always center of singles and no matter what song it was she always had a solo line or two. I liked Reina so I didn’t mind her singing all the time, she has a great voice and it would be a waste if it wasn’t used so I never complained about it. But oh em gee, now that she’s graduating are the future songs going to be led by Riho and Sakura? And with the past songs is Sakura going to take Reina’s lines? Oh god!! I hope not! I don’t mind Riho being the center and lead of Morning Musume, and I would totally love to see Mizuki and Masaki along with Riho, but I rather not see Sakura in center and I rather not Sakura taking Reina’s lines. I don’t really have anything against Sakura but if someone was going to take Reina’s lines I rather Masaki or even Sayumi to take them. Nobody can really fill Reina’s shoes but I think someone who is or was close to Reina then they can do the job quite fine.

I remember the first time I seen Morning Musume without Ai and I thought it was really weird and now I’m probably going to see Morning Musume without Reina and it’s going to extremely weird. From the Platinum Era, Sayumi is the only one left! And not only that but there is a high chance of Sayumi graduating within a year or so! My precious platinum era is almost gone!

I know that I made a post talking about that Morning Musume will be reborn with all the new current members and the future members from the 12th Generation and I know I made a post saying that I think Sayumi has bought great success to Morning Musume once again but oh em gee the thought of Reina and Sayumi gone from Morning Musume really weirds me out now that I really think about it.

I’m slightly freaking now and I gotta stop. *breathes*
Morning Musume is always changing, and it wouldn’t be Morning Musume if members didn’t graduate right? I just have to always remember that!

Before I go back to reality, I just want to list a few of my favourite Reina solo songs and mention a few things about them (there isn’t really much but still)!

1) Namida Hitoshizuku
2) Heya to Y shirts to Watashi
3) Ai no Honoo
4) Rock no Teigi
5) Kira Kira Fuyu no Shiny G

Namida Hitoshizuki – When I was in my anime/manga phase I would listen to songs sung by the anime’s voice actors and I use to listen to a lot of Paku Romi. Her songs always sound so great and I really loved every one I listened to. To me, Namida Hitoshizuku sounds like a style of song that Paku Romi would sing and I automatically fell in love with it when I first heard it.

Heya to Y shirts to Watashi – Nostalgia hits me when I listen to this song. The first Hello! Project concert I ever watched was Hello! Project 2009 Summer Kakumei Gannen ~Hello! Champloo~, and Reina sang this song during the concert. So, not only is it a great song where Reina sounds really wonderful but it’s a song that reminds of H!P newbie days.

Ai no Honoo – I have no past story for this song, I just think it’s a really good song where Reina’s voice sounds really good and wonderful.

Rock no Teigi – Another really awesome song sung by Reina. This song also reminds of a song that would probably be used for an anime opening or something, I can totally picture it too. It’s really cool sounding song, it’s just really awesome.

Kira Kira Fuyu no Shiny G – This is really cute song n’ all, and it reminds of music from a game or something but I just think I rather Reina’s ballads.

I’m seriously not ready for Reina to graduate from both Morning Musume and Hello! Project but there’s nothing I can do and she’s already going to graduate on Tuesday so I guess I just have to suck it up and move on. But I do wish Reina the best of luck with her band and what ever else she decides to do! I don’t think I’ll be paying much attention the LoVendeR but I hope they do somewhat well.


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