Six New Kenshuusei’s!

Kenshuusei2013maySix new members was added to the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei’s during their recent event. Since I’m a really big fan of the Kenshuusei’s and plus I haven’t posted much on this blog lately (I just think H!P isn’t really coming out with much to really talk about), I’ve decided to somewhat talk about the new girls and other Kenshuusei news.


From left to right;
Tanaka Karen, Inaba Manaka, Mikame Kana, Fujii Rio, Mashiro Kana, and Inoue Hikaru

I think their all very cute and I’m a bit surprised to see Rio again since the last she was shown in H!P world was during the S/mileage auditions, and she was known for dancing without much control. Since I haven’t seen them in action yet I would have to say my favourite and the one who I think is the cutest would be Manaka. I would really love to see them around more though, to see some of their dancing and singing potentials.

Their ages vary from 15 to 13, so it isn’t much of an age gap between them and the rest of the Kenshuusei members. As you already know, I really love when new members join Hello! Pro, be them Kenshuusei’s or as other official members, I just love seeing H!P grow with more and new members. I think it’s exciting.

Speaking of the S/mileage audition and Kenshuusei’s, Kosuga Fuyuka is also back as a member after being on a bit of a hiatus since November 2012.


It’s good to see her back in action. I’m not a full on huge fan of Fuyuka, but I’m a bit glad to see her back in H!P action.


The winners of this Kenshuusei test event are Wada Sakurako and Tanabe Nanami. Sakurako won the Judge’s Special Award but Nanami was the overall winner chosen by the fans.


Wada Sakurako


Tanabe Nanami

Here’s a few pictures of the other Kenshuusei members during their solo performances:


Hamaura Ayano


Murota Mizuki


Taguchi Natsumi


Sasaki Rikako

I haven’t heard any of the concert rips of their solos or other songs, but I’m pretty sure that this event will be released on DVD sometime during later year and I think I might buy it since I’m really interested in seeing this event and I just really love the Kenshuusei’s.


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