Hello! Project Monthly Ranking (March 2013)

march It’s time for my monthly ranking of the girls in Hello! Project (a little quick post!). Even though last month I said I’ll show my top 30 members at the bottom of this post but I recently decided to change it to my top 20 instead (30 is still too much, lol) and I also decided that this will be my last one, I just created a page for my rankings instead. Anywho!

Morning Musume Fukumura Mizuki


Who doesn’t love Mizuki? She’s really beautiful, she sings quite well and she really loves Hello! Pro. She’s so lovely and lovable~

Berryz KoubouSugaya Risako


Risako is just so pretty and I really love her voice~! She’s so lovable and her answers for Pocket Morning Berryz are so simple and cute~

C-uteHagiwara Mai


I’ve never been a huge fan of Mai but holy shoot she looked so great in Crazy Kanzenna Otona and she even sounded really great!

S/mileageWada Ayaka


Guys, you really shouldn’t be surprised to see Dawa as my favourite S/mileage member since she is my oshimen.

Juice=JuiceKanazawa Tomoko


I’m really starting to like Tomoko even more as of lately, I’m really loving her voice. Her voice is deep (?), deeper than the other girls voices in Juice=Juice anyway, but I love her voice and I love listening to her lines in Juice=Juice’s original song. I can’t wait to see and hear more from her.

Hello! Pro Kenshuusei Murota Mizuki


Mizuki is just super adorable! I’ve just watched her dance in the background during Morning Musume’s 2012 Autumn concert (during Sayumi’s solo) and she was just so adorable and I was really impressed on how well she danced and how happy and cheerful she looked while dancing (Rie was there too and she did great too, but Mizuki was just so smiley and energetic and so cute~). Mizuki for Morning Musume’s 12th Gen!

Full Ranking List:
#1Wada Ayaka (S/mileage)
#2Fukumura Mizuki (Morning Musume)
#3 Iikubo Haruna (Morning Musume)
#4 Ishida Ayumi (Morning Musume)
#5 Sayashi Riho (Morning Musume)
#6 Nakanishi Kana (S/mileage)
#7Kanazawa Tomoko (Juice=Juice)
#8Miyazaki Yuka (Juice=Juice)
#9Murota Mizuki (Kenshuusei)
#10Kaga Kaede (Kenshuusei)

#11Sugaya Risako (Berryz Koubou)
#12Shimizu Saki (Berryz Koubou)
#13Hagiwara Mai (C-ute)
#14Suzuki Airi (C-ute)
#15Sato Masaki (Morning Musume)
#16Okai Chisato (C-ute)
#17Tamura Meimi (S/mileage)
#18Otsuka Aina (Juice=Juice)
#19Uemura Akari (Juice=Juice)
#20Hamaura Ayano (Kenshuusei)


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