Hello! Project GETS! (03-23-2013) Hello Store USA~

photoMy HSU order came in today and it took quicker than I expected, it even got shipped out quicker than I expected (lol!). Even though HSU doesn’t have much Hello! Pro goods to offer anymore, I order from there anyway simply because I wanted to get some photos and since I don’t have a paypal ordering from HSU was easier for me :)!

I’ve gotten some Morning Musume, Berryz Koubou and S/mileage photos~


As for now I put the photos back in the little paper thingys that they were in until I find something or somewhere to put them in.

And I’ve also gotten a Morning Musume poster~


It’s a poster from their 2011 spring concert~ The poster is really cute and it’s from a concert that I really like~  And it’s even my first H!P poster~ :)!

This morning was a very good morning for me :)! S/mileage receives a #1 on the daily Oricon charts (their first #1) and some of my H!P goods came in~ :)!  Yay!


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