C-ute’s 21st Single – “Crazy Kanzenna Otona” (MV)

Yesterday the MV for C-ute’s newest single titled “Crazy Kanzenna Otona” was released on their official youtube channel. I was going to blog about it when I first seen it (late last night) but I decided to watch the MV a few more times and collect more of my thoughts about the song and video before I start saying stuff about it.

Like my previous post about Morning Musume’s Brainstorming I’m going to split this post in a couple parts, such as video/set, the song, the dance, the outfits and my other thoughts about this single.

The video/set


Throughout the video there’s lots of beams (like the ones from Wakuteka Take a Chance) and lots of lasers, but besides the lasers and beams the set is just black. There’s a few a scenes where the girls are looking in a mirror and putting on makeup but those scenes are barely shown (the girls look so gorgeous though!). I think it’s a pretty cool video, it somewhat reminds me of a cool night club. I personally never been to a night club (I’m only 17) but the video reminds me of the ones I would see on tv. It’s a pretty mature and really sexy video, the girls look totally stunning and absolutely gorgeous.

The song


Tsunku-san said that the new C-ute song would be so awesome that we’ll wet our pants. I did not wet my pants. When I first listened to the concert rip from the Hinamatsuri festival my first thoughts were that the instrumental sounded like Kono Machi’s instrumental, only more fast paced and hyped up beyond recognition. Even though the two songs are really different from each other I think they kinda sound the same expect that Crazy Kanzenna Otona is a fast paced version.

I also think it’s not as awesome as Tsunku-san said it would be. It’s a pretty cool sounding song n’ all but I find that there’s nothing really memorable about it. I can’t really grab anything from it and it’s a song that probably won’t get stuck in my head all the time such as Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku, and Kono Machi (why is C-ute’s ballads always stuck in my head?). Well maybe I just need to listen to the song a few more times and get use to it before I say anything else but as for now I’m just gonna say that even though it’s a cool song I don’t think it’s very memoable.

The dance


I liked the dance the first time I seen it. It’s very well done, it matches the cool, mature and sexy image this single has quite well. I really like all the moves from the dance so I’m not going to pinpoint any of my favourite parts, it’s just a really cool dance in general.

The outfits


I usually talk about the outfits when the members profiles are updated for their newest single but the profiles for this single haven’t been updated yet so I’m just going to talk about them here instead.

The fishnets, the boots, the leather jackets and the red shorts and top has a very cool, mature, rebellious and sexy look to it. The outfits make the girls look absolutely gorgeous (even though they already are). I guess I can say that I like the outfits, I have nothing bad to say or any complaints about them. Their outfits look similar to Morning Musume’s red outfits for Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku (the ones underneath the puffy dresses).

Other thoughts

  •  I really love Chisato’s hair! She looked and her voice sounded really great in this single~


  • I’m also really blown away on how great Mai looks! She looks stunning and so gorgeous! I’m not usually a huge Mai fan but holy shoot she looks great (She’s only 17, whaaat?).

crazy6 crazy7 crazy8 crazy9

The singles release date is April 3rd!
Please help and support C-ute and their newest single “Crazy Kanzenna Otona” by buying your copy/copies to help them on Oricon charts.


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