Juice=Juice performs at the Hinamatsuri festival.

Juice=Juice was able to perform their 1st indie single titled “Watashi ga iu Mae ni Dakishimenakya ne” at Hello! Project’s Hinamatsuri festival yesterday (yaay~!). I wasn’t really planning to blog about this and I was going to wait until when the MV came out to talk about Juice=Juice’s first song, but I am way too excited about Juice=Juice and their song that I just couldn’t wait to talk about it, so here I am.

I seriously just love this song! The sax is just so amazing and so different from the recent Hello! Project songs. Not only does the instrumental sound so good, but the girls also sound really great already! They sound absolutely amazing despite this being their first time preforming their own song as a group. The instrumental is great, the lyrics are great and quite catchy, and the girls voices sound great alone and together. It’s just an amazing song, I seriously think it’s too good to be a indie song (haha).

Even though I was already quite use to and already knew some of the members vocals, there was a few members who surprised me with their voices. I never really knew how high Yuka’s voice was and I seriously thought it was Karin was singing until later when I found it was Yuka singing and not Karin. I also never really knew how great Tomoko is as a singer, her voice is amazing. Tomoko’s voice isn’t too high nor is it too low, it’s just really great to listen to, and one of my favourite parts of the song is her voice.

I’m also really glad that everybody gets to sing! Everybody gets at least 2 solo lines and the rest are shared lines. I’m so glad that everybody has a chance to shine in their first song (●´∀`●)! Oh em gee, I can’t properly explain how much I love this song (ノ>▽<。)ノ!!

Here’s some pictures of the performance:
(to make up for the fact that I can’t explain myself properly)

 02 03 04 05 0601 07 08

Juice=Juice without Yuka

Juice=Juice without Yuka

I’m already way too excited for this group! I love this group a lot already and they haven’t even debuted, nor have they even released their first indie single yet. I love the members, it’s full of the Kenshuusei’s who I really like and plus I already really like Yuka, so I think this unit is already so perfect (≧∇≦)!! I really can’t wait to see their first MV! I hope it’s as cool as the song and even their outfits. This first indie single seriously beats any other Hello! Project indie single that was ever released! (❁´◡`❁)!!

Juice=Juice’s 1st indie single titled “Watashi ga iu Mae ni Dakishimenakya ne” will be released on March 31st.


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