Morning Musume’s 53rd Single – “Brainstorming” (Loose shot ver)

brainstormingWithout an announcement, the dance for Morning Musume’s 53rd single “Brainstorming” was uploaded on Morning Musume’s official youtube channel. And oh em gee, I’m definitely going to talk about it.

Before I go into detail and fangirl of what I love the most about this song and dance, just to summarize all my thoughts in one sentence. I would have to say that I really love the song and I definitely love the dance. Since there’s too much for me to say about it generally, I’m going to split this fangirl post into three parts; the video/set, the dance, and the song.

The Video/Set


The set takes place on a black platform with a screen projecting different light sequences, and there’s two spot lights that go around the set. I don’t really want to compare my precious Morning Musume to South Korea’s Girls’ Generation but I can’t ignore the fact that this video really reminds me of the MV for Girls’ Generation’s “Mr.Taxi.”


I’m pro Morning Musume and I really hate that I’m comparing them to other groups and their videos, but there’s a lot of similarities between Brainstorming and Mr.Taxi that I can’t ignore. Such as the black platform/floor, the screen showing many different lights and patterns, the different camera angles of the dance, even the girls wear somewhat matching clothing.

No, Morning Musume doesn’t wear bright yellow rubber taxi outfits but I think the style is somewhat similar to each other since both outfits have a cool and sexy style to them, some members of Morning Musume even have black boots somewhat matching SNSD’s.

I don’t really like comparing Morning Musume to other groups, especially a group like Girls’ Generation. I don’t hate SNSD, I’m actually quite fond of them, but MM and SNSD are such different groups that they are too much of an opposite to even compare the two. But, it’s what I think of the set and I’m not going to lie or even hide the fact that it reminds me of Mr.Taxi.

The Dance


I would have to think that the main focus of the dance would be the arms, since there’s a lot of arm movements. It’s a really good and impressive dance though, It’s very in-sync with the song and I think it matches the song quite perfectly, even though its a bit all over the place.

I really love the dance but there’s a few scenes that I really really love. Such as the circle formation that starts at the beginning near @0:34, the line behind Reina which becomes an M formation then the cool arm movements near @1:30, and I really love the dance break/battle of Riho and Ayumi near @1:40, it’s really cool to see their dance skills shown in dance for a single. It’s a really super cool dance that I really love.

The Song


Not only does this single have a super cool dance but it also has a super cool song which I also really love already. If you care for the line distribution, I’m here to say that this song is very fair in lines and that everyone has at least 2 lines.

All of my absolute favourite members got really cool and good lines. Mizuki, Ayumi, Haruna, Masaki, Riho and Reina sounded absolutely wonderful! I really loved Reina and Ayumi’s deep vocals before the M formation. Oh em gee! Their vocals sound amazing! Masaki and Haruna’s solo lines before Sakura’s line were also really amazing too! Oh em gee! This song is just super amazing! I absolutely love it!

I’m a huge fan of fast-pace, electric-sounding, and somewhat autotuned songs so of course I’m already a huge of this song. I really can’t wait to see the MV or even hear more news about this single since we were just given this surprise video without any announcement so I’m excited to hear more news about this single since it is Reina’s graduation single.

It’s release date is April 17th.
(I’m pretty sure that this Morning Musume’s 53rd single)


3 responses

  1. Super love this song too! And I just realized that the M line they did with their arms, most probably representing M for Morning Musume. Ahem, anyways. This is such an awesome song. ;A; ❤

  2. I’d like to say what I feel from my standpoint about the similarities with Girls’ Generation’s “Mr.Taxi”.
    I don’t think the outfits are similar to each other. Rather, Mr. Taxi’s rubber outfits and black boots remind me of Berryz Kobo’s “Seishun Bus Guide” released in 2009.
    As for the sets, they are somewhat resembles, but I think Brainstorming is much similar to °C-ute’s “Dance de Bakōn!” released in 2010.


    In all honesty I don’t care mate. Compare what you like.

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