Mano Erina’s Graduation.

manoerina2Since Mano Erina will be graduating on Saturday (Oh my gosh! It’s so soon! Noooo!) I want to write a few things about her before she takes her leave.


To be honest, it did take some time for me to warm to Mano Erina when I first became a fan of Hello! Project. At that time I didn’t really give her much of a chance. I honestly thought she was a group, and when I seen the MV for Sekai wa Summer Party I didn’t really like her because she sang all of the lines while the other members didn’t get any (her backup dancers in this case, which later turned out to be S/mileage). When I realized she wasn’t a group and was a soloist it still did take some time for me to actually like her and her music. It wasn’t until 2010 when her single “Onegai Dakara…” was released when I started to begin to like Erina and her music. Ever since then I’ve been a fan of Mano Erina, and I’ve been loving her songs single after single.

It’s a bit of a dumb story but it is my story. I do feel bad for not really giving Mano Erina much of a chance when I was first becoming a H!P fan, but the past is the past and I count it as one of my mistakes, I think everybody should be given a chance. But now that it’s almost time for her to graduate, I’m quite sad about it and I don’t really want her to leave, I don’t think I’m really ready for it to happen so soon (even though we have been given a 6-month prior notice).

Erina has been our one and only soloist for quite a long time now (for about 4 years), I think it’s gonna to be a bit odd to see Hello! Project without a present and current soloist. Hello! Project will probably gain another new soloist sometime in the future but we don’t know when that might be, so before then Hello! Project will be without a soloist.


At the start, Erina wasn’t the best singer or the best dancer and people wondered why she was even a soloist, and because of people questioning and doubting her they haven’t given her much of a chance either. Which is a total shame because Mano Erina is much underrated. Her songs and her voice are really good, not at all boring. Her dancing is good, she was an egg before so I’m pretty sure her dancing is fine. She’s wasn’t a boring idol! She’s a great and cute idol who can bring smiles and liveliness to anybody.

She slowly stopped playing her piano, her songs became more upbeat and then during her last year her songs were becoming more mature and calm. Her songs went though a lot of changes during her years as a soloist, her songs and even herself were beginning to change quite a lot. Her songs were still good and they were getting better and better each time. Erina changed from a playful cute little girl into a beautiful mature women within these 6 years of being a Hello! Project soloist.


I am not at all ready for this graduation, and I’m sorry if it seems like I’m just rambling but my feelings are just so mixed. I’m really going to miss Mano Erina! I’m going to miss her beautiful smile and her singing her wonderful songs so much! She’s so underrated (ugh)! I could cry!

But before I start rambling even more I would like to share my top ten singles sung by our beautiful soloist Mano Erina.

2. Tasogare Kosaten
3. Song for the DATE
4. Doki Doki Baby
5. Haru no Arashi
6. My Days for You
7. Seishun Serenade
8. Kono Mune no Tokimeki wo
9. Lucky Aura
10. Otome no Irori


Even though we may not want her to leave, she’s a mature women now and we must respect her decisions. If she thinks its best for her to graduate now then let her graduate. Let’s all continue to love and support Mano Erina and wish her the very best towards her future!

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