Hello! Project GETS! (02-18-2013) First photos!

photoThe other new segment on my blog which I said before that there will be, is where I will talk about the recent Hello! Project merchandise in which I’ve recently received. I’ve haven’t done this before but I’ve decided for the new year that this will be a new thing that I’ll do (does it make any sense? I’m actually way to excited right now to really function and make sense of anything).

Anyway! During late yesterday (around 10pm) my boyfriend hands me my very own and first official Hello! Project photos! Yayy!!

Ipodd 201

じゃんじゃん!I’ve gotten a photo set of Morning Musume’s Iikubo Haruna and a Rival Survival photo also came with it! I’m still so excited! I’ve only bought the Haruna photo set, so I was quite surprised to see the Rival Survival photo! Since I don’t have a paypal (not yet anyway) I convinced my boyfriend to order me Haruna photo set on ebay near the end of January. I thought the photos were so cute and I thought that it was time I should start buying some photos (hehe).

I’m so super happy that they finally came in! I was starting to get a bit worried (haha)! Anway!
I love love love love them! They’re my first photos so I’m really happy and excited! (kyaaa~).
I’m so happpyyy~!!


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