10 Hello! Project Kenshuusei’s I would love to see debut.

ハロ!プロ研修生As of lately, there has been an announcement for a new unit consisting of Hello! Project Kenshuusei’s to soon debut as official idols within Hello! Project. Since I’m still quite excited about the news, and I’m just loving the first unit that was announced so far, I would just love to talk about the other Kenshuusei’s which I would love to see within another new unit since there might be a few more announced within the near future.

Truthfully, I adore all of the Kenshuusei’s and I would just be glad to see any of them to debut as official members. Seeing Kenshuusei’s entering new units or even being added in another group is proud moment I would think. Seeing that their hard work really pays off and seeing them become idols is quite rewarding, for them and for us fans.

With the first unit already announced with its members, there is less Kenshuusei’s to pick out favourites since some of my favourites are already in a new unit (such as Aina and Akari). But, I have chosen 10 other Kenshuusei’s who I would love and hope to see debut within Hello! Project. I picked these 10 girls for various reasons, their singing skills, their liveliness/energetic level, their cuteness level, and their guts (to never give up), etc. So, in no order, here is my list of Kenshuusei’s who I hope to debut sometime soon.

Tanabe Nanami (Age: 13)


Hamaura Ayano (Age: 12)


Yamagishi Riko (Age: 14)


Makino Maria (Age: 12)


Ogawa Rena (Age: 12)


Kaga Keade (Age: 13)


Kishimoto Yumeno (Age: 12)


Ichioka Reina (Age: 13)


Murota Mizuki (Age: 14)


Wada Sakurako (Age: 11)


What are my reasons for picking these girls? As I said before I picked them for various reasons, from their singing skills to their energetic levels and anything in between. I divided the girls up into four different groups with the reasons why I picked them.

  • I picked Mizuki and Riko because they seem like the energetic ones. They are the ones who seem to have high energy levels and who will brighten up the mood and atmosphere around them, and the ones who are super fun and amusing to watch (like Sato Masaki, Tokunaga Chinami, and the S/mileage members).
  • I picked Ayano, Reina, Yumeno, and Maria because those were the girls who I was rooting for during Morning Musume’s 11 Generation auditions and I would love to see them debut in another group since they didn’t make into Morning Musume.
  • Nanami, Kaeda, and Sakurako are in the super adorable and cute category. The ones you automatically love because they are so cute and adorable (same category that includes Michishige Sayumi).
  • Rena is a category all by herself but it’s the best vocals category. Out of these 10 Kenshuusei’s I would have to say that Rena has the best and strongest vocals. I could be wrong though, I haven’t yet heard the newer Kenshuusei’s vocals yet. But as of now I think Rena has the best vocals.

I would love to see any of these ten within the newer and future units in Hello! Project. I’m really rooting for Ayano and Kaede to end up in one since they are my favourites out of these ten, I think they could be quite memorial members with entertaining characters.

I’m really quite excited about Tsunku-san’s future plans with these newer units and I’ll post more about them when more news is released and/or announced.


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