Berryz Koubou’s 31st Single “Asian Celebration” (Radio Rip)

tumblr_mht30lAaDm1qm0y6vo1_500A radio rip for Berryz Koubou’s 31st single titled “Asian Celebration” has recently been released online, and I would like to share my thoughts on the song so far.

The Radio Rip

The radio rip is much more clearer than the live performances. Like, the girls did of course sounded quite good singing the song live but I really love how much more clear the radio rip sounds compared to the lives. I personally think that the “pa pa pa pa party party celebration” parts sound much more better.

As I said before, this song is very fun, catchy and funky. I’m starting to really love the song, I think it’s a very fun song and it’s extremely catchy. I really love how everybody gets to sing, it’s quite even with lines. Of course like many Berryz Koubou singles, Miyabi, Risako and Yurina are the main vocals of the song, you may hear them a bit more than everybody else in this song but I would think this song is generally fair and even with the lines (even though I’m not the one who really cares for line distribution).

My most favourite parts of this song would be Miyabi’s monologue in the beginning and around the 3 minute mark. Risako’s singing parts, I really love Risako’s vocals, her voice is always lovely to listen to. Saki’s singing parts, she sounds absolutely lovely singing this song, and I think this song suits her voice quite well. I also really love the “pa pa pa pa party party celebration” parts, it’s the most catchiest parts of the song and it really makes the song quite fun to listen to. And one of the parts of the song that I also really like and find really cute is the “checku” parts, or is “chikyuu”? Either one I think it’s a cute little detail in the song.

I’m really liking this single so far, and I’m quite curious and interested to see the MV. I also hope that this Berryz Koubou single does quite well in sales and ranks. It’s a really fun song and hope people also like it too.


The singles release date is March 13th. If you like this single, be sure to purchase your copy/copies to help support Berryz Koubou on the Oricon charts.


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  1. You’re really redundant. You practically say the same things over and over again, it irks me. Sorry ^^; Just a pet peeve. But I mean I agree with your opinions, I look forward to this single release too.

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