S/mileage’s 13th Single “Tabidachi no Haru ga Kita” (Profile Pictures & Preview)

tumblr_mhxmpsUlBm1qclfimo1_500Profile pictures and a small preview of S/mileage’s 13th single titled “Tabidachi no Haru ga Kita” has recently been released online and I would like to say a few things about them.

The Profile’s

wada_01_img wada_02_img fukuda_01_img fukuda_02_img nakanishi_01_img nakanishi_02_img takeuchi_01_img takeuchi_02_img katsuta_01_img katsuta_02_img tamura_01_img tamura_02_img

As you can compare the outfits they wear in the top picture with the profiles you will notice that the profile’s have a much more different outfit. Which is what I kind of find surprising. I was actually really expecting to see the blue outfits with the hoop wired skirts for their profile shots but to see that the blue outfits are not worn in the profiles it’s a bit surprising for many, but for me it’s a good surprise.

I think the blue outfits aren’t really that bad and I don’t really mind them, but I much more prefer the floral dresses now that can you see S/mileage in a total different outfit. I don’t really mind the blue outfits but floral dresses are much more cuter. I’m not a big fan of the blue outfits hoop skirt, to me it seems like it would get in the way and maybe bother the members (it would bother me if I worn the hoop skirt).

Also Akari seems like that she doesn’t wear a hoop skirt and wears shorts instead. It’s cool that her boyish character doesn’t wear the skirt but why couldn’t some other members wear shorts too? I would just generally prefer the members wearing the same kind of bottom for this outfit, a skirt like Suki yo, Junjou Hankouki or even like Please mini-skirt Postwomen, but I personally think that those kind of skirts would look a bit better with the outfit, of course in a different colour to match the top half of the outfits, and then maybe I would prefer the blue outfit instead but they got stuck with hoop skirts.


Example: Akari in shorts and hoop skirts being in the way (Rina’s clashing with Kana’s).

Anywho! I much prefer the floral dresses. I think they are cuter and nothing would probably get in the way of moving around or even dancing, and they look more comfy and casual.

I personally really love Kana’s look for this single, in both outfits too. Her hair is so cute with it being curly and it’s really nice to see her hair being down instead of usually being in pigtails, ponytails, or even braids, she looks absolutely adorable and stunning with her hair down. I love it! She also looks stunning in both outfits, either one she’ll be in for the MV she’ll probably look absolutely beautiful and adorable. Her floral dress in one of my favourites, it’s a peach colour dress with cute bow that ties in the middle and she has a really cute flower in hair, she’s so adorable!

I also find Kanon and Meimi look quite cute for this single too, even in both dresses. I think Kanon looks a bit mature with extensions and her hair kind of reminds me of Yuuka’s wig she wore when both members were in Lilpri, I think she’s quite cute. I also think Meimi looks quite cute for this single, but then again I always think Meimi looks cute (isn’t she always cute?). I really like that both Kanon and Meimi’s floral dresses have blue in them and seems like they are the only members who wear blue for both outfits.

To be honest though, I am not really a huge fan of Rina’s new haircut. I don’t really think the dresses flatter her that much, she looks pretty plain in both outfits. Usually I’m fan of Rina and I really like her, she’s pretty, she sings well, she dances well, and I don’t find her boring but compared to the others she looks a bit plain in these outfits. She can probably be easily out-shined or ignored in this single simply because she doesn’t really stand out much in these outfits, expect for her short hair.

It also seems like Akari cut her hair even more shorter than it was before, she looks cute n’ all but the dresses don’t really match her boyish character. Yes, she wears shorts in the blue outfit instead of the hoop skirt and that outfit kind of matches with her hair and her looks but I personally don’t really think that the floral dress matches her as well as the blue outfit does. I would probably say she looks a bit odd in the floral dress, just saying. As for Ayaka, I think she looks so cute too! Her seems to be getting quite long, it looks good on her.

The Preview

It’s a short radio rip preview from S/mileage’s 2nd generation member’s radio spot (please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong here). It’s only about 2 minutes long but it kind of gives an idea of how the song would be before it’s the release date or even before the MV is out.

Since it’s short and even though I listened to it multiple times already I don’t really know what to say about it. I guess I can kinda say that I kinda like it, I have no problems with it so far, it sounds like an alright song already. I really like when they sing some words kinda faster than the rest, such as “tachidachi no” for example in the beginning of the song, I think that’s kinda cool and interesting. So far it seems like it’s a Kanon vocal based song, and I don’t mind her singing so I guess I kinda like this song so far. I’m really curious to see the MV and listen to the full song, and I’m hoping that Kana appears quite a lot.


The release date for S/mileage’s 13th single titled “Tabidachi no Haru ga Kita” will be released on March 20th. If you interested and/or already like the single you can probably pre-order your copy/copies early to help and support S/mileage on the Oricon charts.


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