Peaberry’s 2nd Single “Cabbage Hakusho ~Haru Hen~” (MV & Covers)


Yesterday, the MV for Peaberry’s 2nd single “Cabbage Hakusho ~Haru Hen~” was upload onto Satoyama’s youtube channel. I haven’t watched it until today because I wasn’t really notified that the MV has come out yesterday but now that I have seen it I would just love to say a few things about the MV (and the covers too).

Now, some people might be a bit hesitant to watch the MV or even listen to the song since they may think that it’s pretty much the same as the first Cabbage Hakusho but I am here to tell those people that it’s not the same and it would be a total shame if Hello! Project fans don’t watch this MV. This MV is even more beautiful than the original and I would have to say that this MV is a must see.

The MV

Unlike many (and I mean many) Hello! Project MV’s that are usually shot with a green screen with a fake computerized town or city, this MV is beautifully shot in a beautiful Japanese style home. It has the Ayaka and Riho somewhat acting like sisters and has them interacting with their grandmother, with helping her cook and even sitting with her. It’s so absolutely beautiful, I don’t even know how to start talking about the beautiful scenes.

I guess I can start by saying that this video is totally sweet and beautiful in every way. The grandmother scenes are absolutely adorable, and I couldn’t help myself by thinking of my own grandmother while watching this video. For me, the video kind of shows that no matter how old you get, your grandmother is always going to care for you and about you. It’s really touching and beautiful, and it can really brings tears to your eyes.

Even though I really love the whole video, I would probably have to say that my absolute favourite part of the video is when the grandmother is singing to little Ayaka and little Riho, then a couple of scenes later you can see that the current Ayaka and Riho are singing to her instead. I think that’s one of the most beautifulest scenes in the video. Little Ayaka and little Riho seem to also appear a couple more times after when their grandmother sings to them, it’s like the grandmother is remembering her memories of her grandchildren when they were younger. Reflecting on how time passes so quick, and how children grow just as quick as time passes.


I would also like the point out on how well Ayaka and Riho sounded in this song, their vocals are absolutely wonderful in this song. None of them sounded close to being off pitch and their vocals harmonize really well together. It’s definitely a bliss to listening to. Speaking of the song, it seems like there was sight changes in this version, it’s similar to their first song but it’s not exactly the same. I would probably prefer this single more than their first single, both are really good and I love them both but this is just absolutely beautiful in every way.

Ayaka and Riho also did a wonderful job acting in this video too. Even though I don’t think they had to act so much within the video, all they had to do is act like they were sisters visiting their grandmother which shouldn’t of been so hard and probably came naturally on the set since it does really look they could be sisters visiting their grandmother.


I seriously loved Riho in this song and video. She can sing and she can sing well! She sounded amazingly wonderful in this song and she really looked the cutest. Ayaka did alright in this single but I would probably have to say that Riho really shines in this MV, I couldn’t stop adoring her.

This single and it’s MV are absolutely beautiful. It’s fulled with lots of beautiful scenes to love and enjoy. It would have to be one of the most beautiful MV’s I ever seen that involves the girls of Hello! Project. I really recommend Hello! Project fans to also watch this video.

The Covers

Peaberry-RE Peaberry-LA Peaberry-LB Peaberry-LC(Top to bottom: regular, limited A, limited B, and limited C)

The covers are pretty much quite similar to each other but its the simpleness that makes these covers beautiful. The girls look absolutely gorgeous, they look simple and natural with their calm colour dresses and relaxed hairstyles. My favourite versions of the covers would probably have to be regular and limited A. All the covers are beautiful and nice but I personally prefer regular and limited A, especially limited A.

Hearing this song and watching the MV has made me really consider to buy this single. It’s an absolute beautiful song with a beautiful MV, I just really love everything about this single. So hopefully I do get to order my copy along with some order cds that I plan on ordering in the near future.


The singles release date is February 27th. If you are interesting in this single, please buy it to help and support Peaberry and their newest single “Cabbage Hakusho ~Haru Hen~”.


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