Berryz Kobuou’s 31st Single “Asian Celebration” (Profile Pictures & Preview)


The new profile picture’s for Berrryz Koubou’s 31st single “Asian Celebration” has recently come out and I would like to say a few things about them.

The Profiles

shimizu_01_img shimizu_02_img tsugunaga_01_img tsugunaga_02_img tokunaga_01_img tokunaga_02_img sudou_01_img sudou_02_img natsuyaki_01_img natsuyaki_02_img kumai_01_img kumai_02_img sugaya_01_img sugaya_02_img

To be honest, the outfits don’t seem to be as odd as I first thought they were. They’re quite funky, and I think they match the song quite well. I really like the zebra print, it’s a bit different from previous Hello! Project outfits but these outfits also seem to be a bit similar to Morning Musume’s “Help me!!” outfits, both being animal print.

I really like how the members are wearing the print in various ways, such as some members only have one black sleeve while the rest of the blazer is zebra print or some members having a whole section of their blazer without any print (more noticeable on Maasa than any other members).

They all look wonderful in these quite cool outfits, but Risako would probably be the one who really sticks out for me. Just wow! She looks absolutely gorgeous and simply stunning in these shots! Especially in her full body shot! She can really work any outfit she wears without looking odd or weird in them, it’s really a wondeful gift she has (along with many others, such as her vocal ability for example).

I also really like how Chinami, Maasa, and Yurina look in this outfit too, they look very simple but also they look very mature, I like that. Captain also looks great but she also looks a bit short in the pictures, truthfully we all know she is short but she looks extremely tiny and quite squished in these pictures and I don’t really find it that flattering for her, I kinda find that if Captain’s hair is big she tends to look smaller than she really is (know what I mean?).

Another thing to mention, I’m not really a big fan of Miyabi’s hairstyle and just to be honest I don’t like it at all. I truly hope that her hairstyle is changed for the MV. I seriously love these outfits, they’re so funky and cool but Miyabi’s hairstyle is just so horrible. I seriously hope it changes. Also, Momoko looks really good too. I really prefer Momoko not wearing her usual twin pig-tails for singles, she always looks much more mature and cooler without them.

The Preview

Since I’m talking about their profiles and I might as well talk a little bit about the song itself. I know that there’s a full preview out there somewhere but I didn’t have much luck finding it so I’ll just talk about the short live preview from Satoyama.

It’s quite a catchy song, the “pa-pa-pa-party-party celebration” is probably the most catchiest parts of the song. It’s a fun, catchy, and quite funky song with a bit of a disco theme to it. I think it’s quite interesting and fun. I  really like Miyabi’s small monologue in the beginning and I also really like Risako’s singing parts (even though she sings a bit fast and you don’t really know what she’s saying at some parts). So far, I’m really liking and enjoying this song, I really the song itself, and I’m really fond of the outfits that they’re promoting the single in.


The singles release date is set on March 13th. If you’re a fan of this song, be sure to purchase your copy/copies to help support Berryz Koubou’s newest single.

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