New Hello! Project Kenshuusei Unit Announced!


Left to Right: Karin, Tomoko, Yuka, Akari, Sayuki and Aina.

On the final day of Hello! Project’s 2013 winter concert there was an announcement of a new Kenshuusei unit. The members consist of Miyazaki Yuka (Age: 18, member of GREEN FIELDS), Kanazawa Tomoko (Age: 17), Takagi Sayuki (Age: 15), Otsuka Aina (Age: 14), Miyamoto Karin (Age: 14), and Uemura Akari (Age: 14). Their unit name hasn’t been released yet, but it also has been said that they will release indie singles and the members may change/expand before their debut day.

I’m quite excited to see for this group (there is also a rumor that there might be another unit announced sometime during the future), lately I’ve become a huge of the Kenshuusei’s, so I’m excited to see some of the members to have the chance to finally debut. I’m quite surprised and glad to see this line-up for this new unit. And to be honest, I’m already really liking this new unit, it already has members that I really like.

Yuka, along with Mitsui Aika and Shimizu Saki

Yuka, along with Mitsui Aika and Shimizu Saki.

I’m also really glad that Yuka is involved with another unit within Hello! Project, and that she has another chance to shine and even become a full member of Hello! Project. Even though she’s not even a Kenshuusei and I’m quite glad she’s in this unit. She’s been recently becoming my favourite members, she’s so cute and she sings quite well.

I really like all the members of this unit so far, there isn’t one who I don’t like but if I was to pick my favourites they would probably be Yuka, Aina and Akari. Since there is a chance of a member expansion for this group I would personally love to see Yamagishi Riko or Wada Sakurako added, I think they would match and get along get with the already chosen members.

It’s truly great to see some new units/groups added with the current Hello! Project. I’m really happy and quite excited for this new unit and I can’t wait until to see some of their releases.


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