Chia’s Blog Monthly Overview (January 2013)


Along with several other new segments of posts for my blog, a monthly overview is also one of them. This is just generally an overview of my blog and what I have posted during the month. I’ll also be talking about recent news, new releases with their future dates, and even recent releases with their sales and ranks.

Let’s see, I’ve posted 10 new posts this month (not including this segment). Which is quite a lot actually, considering I haven’t really posted that much before so, yay! This months topics were mostly about C-ute’s “Kono Machi” and Morning Musume’s “Help me!!”, including covers, radio rips/ previews, profile pictures and MV’s. I’ve also posted quite a long post talking about what Morning Musume might become without the 6th Generation (saying how they will be reborn with the new members, etc). If you would like to check out or read those posts again, simply just check out the archives for January 2013 in the sidebar of my blog.

With recent news, the dates for Mano Erina’s and Tanaka Reina’s graduation dates have been released.


Mano Erina will be graduating on February 23rd 2013 at Nakano Sun Plaza &
Tanaka Reina will be graduating on May 21st 2013 at Nippon Budokan
(3 days before my birthday! Aw man!)

Also for the future dates for singles of next month:
C-ute‘s newest single “Kono Machi” is released on February 6th 2013. And Peaberry‘s “Cabbage Hakusho~ Haru Hen~ will be released on February 27th 2013. Hopefully people buy their copies to help and support the group and their members.


With recent releases, Morning Musume’s 52nd single “Help me!!” has received a ranking of #1 on the Oricon charts, selling 93k! Congratulations to Morning Musume on receiving a #1 on the Oricon charts on which they haven’t done since 2009. Congratulations to the girls of Morning Musume!

So, that pretty much covers this months posts and new Hello! Project releases. Stay tuned for new posts of the next month (there is also another new segment coming up that I’m recently planning to do, so stay tuned!). Also, I haven’t announced my giveaway yet, but I will most likely do so something time next month. I closed the poll and it’s no longer on my blog anymore! The prize I’ll be giving away will be Morning Musume’s 52nd single “Help me!!” limited E, which won with 36 votes. I’ll release more details when I have the prizes~!

Thank you guys (and/or girls) for the views, likes and comments for this month and I hope you also like my posts in the near future!


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