C-ute’s 20th Single “Kono Machi” (MV)


Today to my surprise, the MV for C-ute’s 20th single titled “Kono Machi” has been released on their official youtube channel. And I would like to say a few things about it (I’ve just watched the MV a couple hours ago, so there may be a few things I might of forgotten to mention).

To be honest, I wasn’t really expecting to see the MV until next week or so, so it’s quite surprising for me to see it today. But nevertheless, I think it’s a good surprise for many on this wonderful Friday (Did any of you guys expect to see the MV today?).

I’ve just skimmed over some comments I seen on twitter and H!O, and the ones I seen are either saying that this MV is really boring and should’ve been shot outdoors or that it’s really beautiful. I wouldn’t really say that this MV is boring, I would just say that it’s really simple but in a good way. It’s as simple as the covers, which doesn’t mean “boring” in this case.

In my little opinion, I would have to say that this MV is just really stunning and beautiful. I really like the simpleness of it and I don’t think it’s boring at all. I think that the simpleness of this MV is what makes it really beautiful (just like the covers and outfits).

Of course all the girls look beautiful and stunning in this MV, but truthfully I was really blown away by the beauty of Airi and Chisato.

Airichisato(Just wow! They look absolutely gorgeous!)

It’s like C-ute’s cover of the song, their outfits, and their MV are honoring Moritaka Chisato. The concept of the single is very similar to the original and I think that’s what they intended to do (whoever came up with the idea). Why would you want to over stage to original? I’m guessing people highly respect Moritaka Chisato, so covering her song and making it similar to hers is quite respectable for them to do. C-ute is trying to honor her and her song by doing something similar to the original.

You know, many people are saying that this MV should’ve been shot outdoors (a lot of people say this about a lot of different MVs), and I understand why they wish that this MV was shot outdoors. It’s title is “This town” translated in English, so it’s understandable why people would set their hopes to see C-ute in a town or something along the line. But the original song sung by Moritaka Chisato wasn’t shot outside either, her MV for the song was green screen (very 90’s green screen at that). I find it’s better not to have any expectations for Hello! Project MV’s because then your hopes for the single isn’t let down so much (know what I mean?). Like, I didn’t have high or any expectations for this single and its MV and now that I have seen it I really like it and I don’t have any disappointment towards the single at all (It’s good to expect the unexpected!).

Anyway, I was never a really huge fan of Chisato. I like her voice, she’s very pretty, she’s funny, etc. But she was never really in my top favourites, but I am so seriously blown away on how well she sounded and how great she looked for this single, that she rocketed up my favourite members list.


I mean, look how great she looks! This song is definitely perfect for her. She looks absolutely stunning and voice is really angelic. Saki did wonderful in this song and so did Airi, but Chisato really blew me away. This song is very well suited for her voice, she hit all of the right notes, she didn’t sound off-key, and she sounds just as great live. I also couldn’t help but keep my eyes on her while watching the MV, her close-ups were so stunning and her other shots were so cute.  Chisato definitely climbed up my top 10 favourite Hello! Project members list.

Anyway, here’s the MV! I hope some people don’t find it boring as other people are saying it is (it’s not boring, it’s so simple that’s cute) and I hope some of you guys can hopefully support C-ute and their single by buying their single to help their rank and sales.

It’s release date is February 6th.

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