C-ute’s 20th Single “Kono Machi” (Covers)


A couple of days ago (most likely yesterday, I don’t really remember), the covers for C-ute’s 20th single “Kono Machi” has been released. The single seems to have five different covers (regular – limited D).






From top to bottom:
Regular, Limited A, Limited B, Limited C, and Limited D

The covers vary in many different styles and are quite interesting. Some are quite simple (such as regular and limited D) and others have either a very elegant design (such as limited A) or designs that seems very busy (like limited B and C).

To be honest, I’m quite of the covers. I really like them all actually, expect for one. I’m not really fond of limited B, the flowers are a bit too much and I don’t really like it, but I do like the rest of the covers though. I really like how simple but cute regular and limited D are, I really how elegant limited A is, and I just think limited C looks pretty cool. They’re very pretty and quite different from each other, it’s interesting.

I’m becoming to really love this single so far and I’m actually a bit interesting in it. It may be likely that I may purchase this single in the near future. Maybe not during it’s first week of the release since it comes out early in the month and I don’t get paid until sometime around the middle of the month, so I will probably order in late February. But I am really liking this song and I would love to have in my little collection, which is need of a C-ute single (I have no C-ute or Mano Erina in my cd collection, it’s bit sad actually).

Anyway, hopefully you guys do buy this single during it’s first week to help support C-ute. It’s release date is February 6th.

C-ute(I adore this picture, they all look so adorable and cute! Especially Chisato~!)

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