Morning Musume’s 52nd Single “Help me!!” (MV)


The MV we all have been impatiently waiting for, Morning Musume’s MV for their 52nd single was released on their official youtube channel yesterday, and of course, I would like to say a couple of things about it.

I’ve been seriously waiting to see this MV ever since the dance shot was released, plus seeing a couple of CM previews. I was becoming impatient, but luckily the MV was released yesterday. I thought the green screen looked really cool in the dance shot, and I was curious to see how the whole MV would look.

The very start of this MV you can tell right away that it’s green screen (or a very unreal-like realistic place). I personally like this MV, I think it’s quite cool. It really surprises me on how realistic the shots look, in reality the girls were just standing on the green screen but in the MV they’re standing on a street, in a park or even near a building. It’s really amazing! It looks really realistic!


I mean, look! There’s so much detail are in these shots! It’s like they’re there but they’re not! It amazes me! But besides the cool effects and detail, the girls also looked really cool and amazing. They all equally looked amazing in this MV, it’s really hard to pick out who looked the best because I personally think that they all looked their best in this MV, and their vocals are quite lovely too but I would probably have to say that Mizuki and Haruna really rocked the look for their new image for their newest single. I mean everyone looked absolutely amazing and cool but I would probably say that Mizuki and Haruna really stood out the most. I also think that this single is a great single to be Sakura’s debut single. She also looked really cool (like everyone else), and I’m quite glad that she got some really good solo lines, which show how really well for voice is.

Besides the cool dance they already had, another dance shot was shot too. Of course there’s many shots taken for the dance but there’s something really cool about the other shot. It’s at a different angle.


It’s shot from the top! It’s another thing that makes this MV absolutely amazing! (Can this MV be awarded for the coolest and most amazing MV ever in H!P history? Besides 3,2,1 BREAKIN’ OUT). In the picture above and in the dance shot, you can see the members reflections on the bottom, you can see the reflections of the lights from the buildings, and you can see the reflection of their really huge moon! Which is another mind-blowing detail in this MV!


There is way more super cool details in the MV, like the lighting flash that says “Morning Musume”, how dark and mysterious it gets when the dance break begins, how the members’ faces are the screens of the background in the dance shots, and when Reina goes all Risako from Otakebi Boy! WAO and saves their world from darkness, etc, etc. I can seriously go on and on about how cool, amazing, and awesome this MV is and how well the girls looked and sounded but I think you guys get the point by now so I’ll end this quick little fangirl post. This single is just awesomely amazing and is really worth checking out!
I really can’t wait to order my copies soon~!

It’s release date is January 23rd.


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