Sato Masaki Diagnosed with Cervical Lymphadenitis.


Before the Hello! Project 2013 winter concert started, Sato Masaki was ill with a high fever and could not attend the opening performances of this years winter concert (which is really horrible because she seemed the most excited to perform in this concert). Recently though, it was announced that she has been diagnosed with left neck cervical lymphadenitis.

What is cervical lymphadenitis? Cervical lymphadenitis is an inflammation of the lymph nodes in the neck (usually caused by an infection). With this diagnoses, Masaki is ordered to stay in bed and rest by her doctor and will probably not attend any performances of this years winter concert or much promotions for Morning Musume’s upcoming single “Help me!!” (from what I read, it is said that it usually takes 4-6 weeks for a child to be resolved from this condition if they constantly rest and take antibiotics).

It’s quite sad to hear that a great performer, such as Masaki, has been order to be in bed rest for some time before she is allowed to promote and perform with Morning Musume again.


(Morning Musume looks really odd without Masaki, especially in the dance for Help me!! There’s huge empty space in the performances where Masaki is supposed to be)

In the meanwhile, let’s wish Masaki with the best of luck with recovery and impatiently wait for her return (since many will miss seeing her around and wanting her to return).  To make this post a bit more happy, please enjoy this mini picture spam and little video of the energetic and happy Masaki.

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